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Default Get test results this week

I'm looking forward to this Thursday (Aug. 3rd) when we get results from the neuropsychologist. When we saw the child psychiatrist 2 weeks ago, he was pretty sure the diagnosis was going to be Asperger's. His first suggestion was to get Aaron to get 10-11 hours of sleep each night. Bedtime has been a terrible struggle, and meletonin (sp?) was suggested - it worked wonders. About 30-45 minutes after taking it, he's ready for sleep. And he doesn't need us to lay down with him for as long anymore, either. But - I'm not sure that we've seen any changes in behavior.

They psychiatrist doesn't think that the autistic classroom is the right place for Aaron. So I called the school last week and talked to the head of the special ed department, who suggested that we have a meeting right before school starts with the district autism specialist along with some others from the school district to determine where the right place is for Aaron. It's too bad that I couldn't get him in to the child psychologist until mid-September, because she could also give some guidance there.

Back in May I had been told that there was a summer autism program at Aaron's school. The school staff was aware that I wanted Aaron to go - but they never called or sent any information on it. When I called the head of the special ed department last week I asked him about it - he said that the next day was the last day of the program. I really let him know how disappointed I was that no body told us when it was so Aaron was attend. He apologized over and over again. The next day I had a message from the gal that will be the main instructor in the autistic classroom, but need to try to connect with her this next week.

This weekend Aaron's behavior has been awful. I don't know why he goes in streaks like this. He's been so obnoxious, deliberately bugs people and won't stop when asked. He thinks he's a little adult and that rules don't apply to him, and that he's in charge of our household. NOT!!!! Lots of power struggles. He's in baseball and needs some practice batting. So my husband took him to a batting cage today, but Aaron refused any help or instruction. Repeatedly threw the batting helmet on the ground. Totally threw a fit. They had to leave before their time was up. It was very ugly, and my husband was very upset, so then I took Aaron and his twin sister to the beach (it's like 98 degrees herre) because my husband needed a break from Aaron.

Friday night Aaron was pushing buttons like crazy, and it escalated until I had to restrain him, which is getting more difficult because he's getting bigger. He ended up kicking me on my hip and I have a huge bruise there now. I'm just really afraid that we're going to have to end up putting him on medication, because getting more sleep has not really changed Aaron's behavior. I'm about at my wits end and have made an appointment for me to start some counseling. I can't think or talk about Aaron's situation without tearing up. We try so hard to have him be involved in "normal" activities, like baseball, but then I feel like we have to explain to everyone why he acts how he does. Why he lays down in the outfield during practice before a game. Why he sometimes isn't paying attention during a game. He went to a birthday party yesterday, and I'm sure the other kids (and parents) were wondering why he was obsessed with looking for extra quarters on the floor by the video games (at the bowling alley) instead of watching presents being opened and eating cake. I don't think I'm embarrassed, just am tired of the funny looks and people staring when he's doing something odd.

But then last night, totally out of the blue, he gave me a hug and a KISS!!! I can't remember the last time he kissed me on the cheek. So then I start crying and had to explain to him why I was crying - I said I was so happy that he had given me a kiss. It was very special.

Sorry this got so long. We've just had an awful weekend, and need some answers soon.

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