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[QUOTE=sharinlilbit]Believe me, I HATE that she ever gave that man the time of day. The writers did serious damage to the character when they paired her with Sonny in any way at all. [QUOTE=sharinlilbit]

yes the writers did damage to her character but they did that to Carly and sam as well, I was just saying that I don't see Alexis as a good and great character for women. I don't like any of them but they make for good entertainment I suppose.

[QUOTE=sharinlilbit]She was the *court*-appointed attorney. She was told to do it. Ordered, in fact. Like it or not, that's the life of defense attorney. I don't see how she needs to come up up with false charges. [QUOTE=sharinlilbit]

She should have quit, that's what Robin would have done. She wanted the case, to prove she was the best.

[QUOTE=sharinlilbit]That's true, but then she caught the fall-out from just about everybody but Nik. Patrick, of all people, told her she was a busybody and was far more sympathetic to Carly, the babynapper, than to Robin. Robin, to this DAY, still gets it thrown up in her face that she told the truth about Michael's parentage. [QUOTE=sharinlilbit]

Unfortunately I think that is true to life when you tell the truth that hurts someone even if they are in the wrong people get mad at you. That's a social issue much larger than a Soap Opera. Only Carly throws Michael in her face that I can remember, I know Jason hasn't forgiven her, but he's a hard head. What I don't like about where the show is going is the Hellana getting her hands on little John proving to everyone that Jax and Carly were right, I hate that.

[QUOTE=sharinlilbit]If he's the grand prize, I think I'd pass and go for the second prize. Robin deserves someone who will treat her well, not just be after as much sex as he can get. Someone who won't sleep with her and before he's even gotten out of the bed, be flirting with another woman...the very woman who hates Robin more than anyone. Someone who doesn't tell her to mind her own business, and then turn around and stick his nose into Elizabeth and Lucky's lives and tell Sam a very shaded and biased version of the truth about Alexis's actions when Sam was sick. Hypocrite, much? [QUOTE=sharinlilbit]

I think Patrick is a big o softy, who lost his mom and is afraid of losing another women and so he puts on this front, he loves Robin but doesn't want to, so he tries to make it go away. Once again I feel it's very true to life. But when she get through he will love her. Unless of course the writers mess it up, then I'll be pissed.

[QUOTE=sharinlilbit]Well, I definitely agree with you there. Enough with good people taking up with cold-blooded killers. I think they're missing the boat with Nikolas and Robin -- he treats her very well, they respect and like each other, and what's more they have some chemistry and a history. Plus, Tyler Christopher always gives a better performance when he's out of Natalia Livingston's orbit, so I'm all for keeping Nik and Umily away from each other. [QUOTE=sharinlilbit]

I wouldn't be sad if they decided to go that way either I like Nik and Robin together, either one for me would be great to watch for me. Not sure they're going to give Nik a love interest, he's got a pilot in the works for a prime time show that still might get picked up next season.

Don't get me wrong I agree with you on many things, I want the show to be like it was 10 years ago, full of good over evil and adventures and true love.
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