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Originally Posted by shannon2903
Alexis, Alexis you got to be joking. She's worse than both Sam and Carly. She's the law, yet she got away with murder, defended Sonny the Mobster, Had his baby,
Believe me, I HATE that she ever gave that man the time of day. The writers did serious damage to the character when they paired her with Sonny in any way at all. And yes, she killed Luis Alcazar, though a case can be made that she was defending herself. I never said she was perfect, but she doesn't make a career out of ruining people's lives, ala Carly, and at least she does have some self-respect and doesn't depend on a man, unlike Sam.

got Manny off on a crime she knew he commited, makes up trump charges, and countless other things. She's a shinning example of corruption within the legal system.
Here's where I'm confused. I know Sam doesn't get it, but the fact is, Alexis did her JOB, nothing more, when it came to defending Manny. I'd say she'd just as soon not have done it. She was the *court*-appointed attorney. She was told to do it. Ordered, in fact. Like it or not, that's the life of defense attorney. Which charges have been trumped up? You mean on Jason? If anything I think she has held back from prosecuting him because of Sam, but Jason's been guilty of so many things for so long, I don't see how she needs to come up up with false charges.

Robin I agree represents the greatest female character, professional, kind, and honest. But I don't think they've crapped on her. She got to blow the whistler on Jax and Carly. Which was a hard thing for Robin because she's so close to Jax, but she did the right thing.
That's true, but then she caught the fall-out from just about everybody but Nik. Patrick, of all people, told her she was a busybody and was far more sympathetic to Carly, the babynapper, than to Robin. Robin, to this DAY, still gets it thrown up in her face that she told the truth about Michael's parentage.

She got Patrick, it'll be on and off again but in the end she'll get him. To me that says be honest and be great at what you do and you could get the grand prize.
If he's the grand prize, I think I'd pass and go for the second prize. Robin deserves someone who will treat her well, not just be after as much sex as he can get. Someone who won't sleep with her and before he's even gotten out of the bed, be flirting with another woman...the very woman who hates Robin more than anyone. Someone who doesn't tell her to mind her own business, and then turn around and stick his nose into Elizabeth and Lucky's lives and tell Sam a very shaded and biased version of the truth about Alexis's actions when Sam was sick. Hypocrite, much?

I love that Robin came back and wasn't hooked up with Jason, they could have gone there with that one.
Well, I definitely agree with you there. Enough with good people taking up with cold-blooded killers. I think they're missing the boat with Nikolas and Robin -- he treats her very well, they respect and like each other, and what's more they have some chemistry and a history. Plus, Tyler Christopher always gives a better performance when he's out of Natalia Livingston's orbit, so I'm all for keeping Nik and Umily away from each other. *g*

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