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Originally Posted by stampin_chiquie
In regards to Jason, her spine was quickly lost but at least she still stood up to other people.

Eh, I don't see her constantly defending Jason to everyone who understands that he's nothing more than a common murderer as standing up to other people. Whatever else he is, or was as Jason Quartermaine, for me it all comes down to the fact that he's a cold-blooded killer, who helped steal his own brother's child, who belongs in prison. I can't think of any time Sam stood up to anyone where she was actually in the right and wasn't trying to make the mean ol' cops and D.A. leave Jason alone.

The character has potential, but as long as the writers see professional women like Alexis and Robin as the ones to be crapped on, and instead give characters like Carly a glittery hoo-ha that all the men are magically attracted to like magnets, and make Sam more interested in being a mob moll than making something of herself, it's never going to change. There's a fundamental flaw in how the GH writers see the female characters, and you can even spot it right away in the final shot of the opening credits. To me, that says it all. *g*

Meanwhile, they've brought back all these vets, and they've done what with them exactly? They have the tremendous talents of John Ingle, Jane Elliott, Stuart Damon, Leslie Charleson, the lesser talent, but still better than most of the new folks Jackie Zemen, and Tony Geary at their disposal. JI and JE had a really nice turn the other day, but they'll probably not get another one for quite a while.

DOOL, the soap that became a joke a long time ago, is beating GH in the ratings these days. They have tons of problems of their own, but they've already proven they know how to handle returning vets.

I dread seeing what they'll do to Genie Francis when Laura returns, especially if the rumors of a connection between her and Sam play out as fact.

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