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Originally Posted by stampin_chiquie
IMHO, Emily could just go away. Or at least this horrible actress they have playing her. I can't stand her with Sonny. She was Ok with Nic.

I used to like Sam when she was with Jason and seemed to have a spine. Now she just whines and seems ready to do whatever anyone tells her. Ugh.
I agree completely about Natalia Livingston. She's absolutely awful and the fact that the Emmy voters gave her an EMMY just proves they're worthless.

However, I disagree about Sam having a spine with Jason. She had one when she first arrived in Port Charles, but when she hooked up with Jason, he performed a spine-ectomy on her. She bowed to whatever he wanted, she gave up any sort of decent future because of him, it was all about what Jason wanted and thought -- she had no job, no friends, and no self-respect. If she weren't such a brat and determined to get revenge on Alexis, she might actually have a future if she'd let her mother help her.

But yes, enough with the crying. I bet GH has blown a huge portion of its budget on Kleenex.

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