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themrs - Wow, how rude of the lady in the pharmacy. I would probably write a letter to the manager of the store or head of the pharmacy chain explaining what happened and how you were treated. It is very frustrating at times, like you said, they look normal but people have no clue. I seem to run into people trying to have a conversation with David and sometimes he doesn't understand and he doesn't respond or they can't understand what he is saying. They always look at me like "what's wrong with your kid". So I also tell them he has autism and sometimes doesn't understand what you are asking. They usually just say "oh" and shut up because they don't have a clue what that is. It still surprises me the amount of people that has never heard of it or they will say "like Rain Man". No, not all autism is like rain man, you idiots! I guess it's just frustrating as parents that the public is not more informed.
I can totally relate to the lasanga thing, mine is also very picky and won't eat anything that is different from what he normally eats. If we go somewhere and I know he won't eat, I usally take something along for him to eat. I would tell the hostess first, but I haven't had anyone get upset for bringing seperate food for him.
Just remember, your not a bad parent - the public is the uneducated.
Take care - Tracy
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