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Hi everyone. I've been reading and following along, but haven't had much to add about all the school talk. I really am not quite sure what all that is about since last year was the first time having any of the kids in school and it was just kindergarten.

I thought I would pose another question for you. How do you handle being around other "normal" kids and their parents with out feeling like they are all staring at you thinking Super Nanny should come to your house next?? I think one of my biggest problems is feeling like everyone who sees my kids running wild thinks I'm the worlds worst mother. And sometimes I feel like that myself and wonder why I can't get my kids to just sit and behave.

Our next door neighbor was so sweet yesterday, she invited us over for dinner. Her two little girls (same ages as two of mine) sat and ate dinner. My baby was an angel...but the other 3 would not even stay at the table. They did not eat one bite of dinner. I knew they probably wouldn't. It was lasagna and they just wont eat that. There was a playroom full on *new* toys right next to the dining room and I could not even get them to stay sitting, they were just so focused on the toys. I just wanted to crawl under the table!! I'm sure they were thinking "gees lady, can't you control these brats!"
How do you handle stuff like that? These kids look normal on the outside and people just don't have a clue about the struggles we go thru everyday! I stopped at the pharmacy yesterday to get some sort of sleep aid for them. I wanted to try benadryl or the melatonin to see if it would help. I had 4 kids with me. I could not find anything on the shelf so I asked the pharmacist if they had anythign like that and she said. "What makes kids drowsy is fresh air and excercise" she was so condesending to me. I told her they get plenty of that and they have some sleeping issures and the last 2 nights I couldn't get a couple of them to sleep until 3 and 4am and I can't function on that little sleep. I told her I wasn't looking to drug them everynight I just needed to help them and me get at least one goood night sleep the week. She then told me it sounded more like I needed to check into the family recource center and see if i could get some advice on parenting skills!!!!! I wanted to jump across the counter and let loose on her, but didn't want to freak my kids out so i decided it was best to just turn and leave. She said there was nothing I could give my kids to help make them sleepy. Liar!! She just has no clue and she must think I'm some total looser mother that lets my kids veg in front of the TV everyday and then wants to drug them to sleep so I don't have to worry about putting them to bed or anything! I just get so frustrated!
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