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Hi everyone! I am thrilled to have found this thread and have spent my morning coffee reading all the posts. I can identify with so much of what so many of you have or are experiencing. My son Taylor is 12 and was dx Autistic at 2 1/2.
He was premature (born 8 weeks early), so Dr's would always say, he's just slower - I knew it was more than that. At my urging we had Taylor evaluated and low and behold - Autism - not just slow! At 2 there was no language, lots of 'odd' behaviors - spinning, fascination, or should I say obsession with lights & reflections, etc. He's been getting services since 2 1/2 starting with EI and has always been in a self contained classroom once school age. His language has come leaps and bounds thanks to intensive speech therapy, but behaviors are still a huge issue at times.
Like some of you we have meltdowns - mostly when he is touched without warning. He used to be a runner - thank goodness he doesn't do that anymore. He has a very limited diet (food has always been a battle). And his biggest obsession is water - he loves it!! Find a puddle, he's in it. I think it goes back to his early obsession with lights and reflections. He has a lot of sensory issues - loves to play in rice, dirt, water - anything he can run his fingers through. But his sensory issues also mean it's hard for him to be touched - lots of therapy on that one. He's better now, but needs to know it's coming. He hates hair cuts and nail trims. We cut his hair and dad is trying to teach him to trim his own nails. As a lot of your children, sleep is a huge issue here as well. He's up late and rises early - and usually wakes in the middle of night. Nothing like a party at 4 in the morning!!
We are military and were lucky to spend 7 years in one place where Taylor got excellent services, but 2 years ago we were sent here to Okinawa, Japan. We had no idea what the change would do to him (he always seemed to adapt to changes fairly well) We expected some problems, but the first 4 months in school were horrible - he did not adjust well at all. Luckily, the school was very accomodating and took everything he dished out in stride. I spent a lot of time at school and now he's doing great! It was a huge regression for him and I dread our next move. But we plan to retire from here, so our next move will be our last - have already bought a home in Maine where we plan to retire.
He's a very loving and adorable child! Aren't they all? I don't know what I would do without him - even with all the ups and downs - he is so special, loving and honest. I think we are all blessed to have such special children in our lives.
Thanks for listening. Need to pull Taylor in from the bucket of water in the back yard now and feed him breakfast.
~ Diana ~

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