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Originally Posted by shannon2903
I was really hoping that when he had all the brain trama he was going to come out on the other side of the law.
Yeah, that could have been very promising. What I'd like to see happen, and what I think would have made for far more drama and interesting story-telling, is for Jason to get bonked on the head again and be "re-Quartermaine'd." Have him get back what made him Jason Quartermaine, a law-abiding, good guy. He'd be horrified at what he did as Jason Morgan. We'd see him trying to fit back into his family (and it would give the great Stuart Damon and Leslie Charleson something to do besides sit in the Seniors Closet and wait to be let out every month or so for a few minutes), figuring out legitimate employment, and there'd be plenty of tension between him and Sam...would he even want the Howler Monkey anymore? Would she still want him?

There are no good love stories, though I loved where they were going with Robin and Patrick.
Until it became apparent that Patrick is a horse's butt, I liked the two together, too. He turned my stomach yesterday though when he was talking to Liz about Jason and Lucky...sounded very much like he was saying it was too bad she was with bumbling idiot Lucky and not with Jason the hero. And once again, just weeks after blasting Robin for being "judgmental" and a "busybody," there he is sticking his nose into someone else's business, not unlike when he gave Sam his very biased version of the "truth" about the events surrounding her surgery. The other day Patrick said some nice things about Robin to her father...why won't he say them to *her*?

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