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Goodness gracious, today's episode sucked lemons, IMO. The two previous days were actually pretty good, if I fast-forwarded Greasy the Mobster and Snarly and the Borg and his Howler Monkey, but there was very little good about today's ep, except Lorenzo and the brief Alan sighting.

I never thought Jason was in any danger of dying, though I'd be thrilled if he did. I'm beyond sick and tired of this amoral, remorseless murdering thug being treated by the writers as the hero of the show. Jason, the man who never lies. Jason, the man who protects his family. Jason, the only one who can rescue the kidnapped and take down the sociopath. Jason, the baby-whisperer. Good grief.

He's a *criminal*. A murderer. He doesn't get a pass because the ones he murders are usually fellow criminals. I'm tired of him looking like a hero while the cops -- the good guys -- are portrayed as bumbling idiots. Lucky slipped on a phone?! The police and the D.A. are written as either dumb as rocks, corrupt, drug addicts, or they just look the other way. There's something wrong with that picture.

And maybe if Jason were gone, Sam might get her spine back and stop screeching like one of those howler monkeys. Maybe she'd see that her ranting at Alexis for being controlling is terribly hypocritical when this guy she loves so desperately is even more controlling. I mean, Jason's the one who broke the law to get Sam that surgery, 'cause of course, only he knew what was best. Jason's the one who kicked Sam out of his life, because again, he knew best. Jason took over Sonny's "bidness" because Sonny wouldn't do what Jason wanted and give up Emily. Jason runs off to the rescue, refusing to listen to anyone else because only he can get the job done. Jason, years ago, kicked Robin out of his life because she didn't want to live in a house with Carly and help them raise the child he help steal from his rightful father.

Oh, yeah...I can see why she'd want to go back to that. Clearly he loves her a great deal...offering to forsake the criminal life for her and everything. Oh, wait, he doesn't seem interested in doing that at all.

I'm very happy to have Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes back on the show -- they are breaths of fresh air. And it'll be so good to see Genie Francis again, too. But this show will never be really good again as long as Robert Guza is head writer. He has his head too set on the show being "Mobster General."

Anybody else remember when soaps were billed as "Love in the Afternoon"? Not anymore. Not on GH anyway -- is there any couple who really has a healthy romance going on? None that I can see. Is there even anyone on the show who is *happy*? I mean, I know it's a soap -- there's going to be drama and angst, but man.

Where's Claire Labine when you need her?

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