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Welcome Amy! Let me just say that I feel your pain with the school. DS is on his 3rd school district in 6 years due to being a military family. The amazing thing is that he did preschool in one district, we moved away and then moved back to the district he did preschool in (so I guess, really 4 school districts) and the preschool piece was much easier to get services provided. We have always tried to make it "a team" thing with school and home, but sometimes that doesn't work, like when the principle and one of the spec ed teachers basically tell us that if DS doesn't change, ie get him on meds, then he will have to change schools because he can't function in their school. Mind you this it illegal to even make a veiled threat that you have to medicate your child and that they had just sat through the IEP and told us how bright he is because of how well he did on the Peabody and Woodcock-Johnson. We wanted him to spend less time in regular ed because the problems pretty much stemmed from him getting overstimulated, but they told he was to bright to spend time in self-contained. Yet they complained about what a behavior problem he was becoming. We ended up pulling him and homeschooling, which was good in that he learned in a way that was good for him. When we considered him going back (because we were moving to a new state) we hired an educational attorney to go into the IEP meeting with us. This was after the school failed to give us proper notice of an IEP meeting and held the meeting without us (both BIG no, no's). As I mentioned we are in a new district and the school has been really great at giving DS the things he needs and he's doing really well. Yes, sometimes you get more by making nice, but there are schools that won't give you a thing unless you fight for it. Remember, you are your child's best advocate! Oh, and IMO, the lawyer was worth $250/hr just to see the principle squirm and go through a little of the hell she had put us through!!!
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