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Originally Posted by themrs
I don't even know where to begin....
Keelin, my 3 year old, is going to cause me to loose my mind. She will not go to bed at night anymore and was up unil aobut 11p last night, we had to wake her up early to take my Dh to the airport (2 1/2 hours round trip). So this probably was not a good start of the day for her. She wanted a jam sandwich, but I guess I didn't make it right and she screamed at me and threw it on the floor. I put her in a time out and she peed all over the floor (she does this on purpose as soon as she gets in her *naughty spot*) I was tired of hearing all her screaming - and just stressed anyway, so I spanked her. She is raging so bad that she is actually trying to bite her teeth through the skin on her leg and screming "I want my leg off!!" Then she runs wild slamming doors and just screming so bad that the neighbors must think she is being tortured and killed over here. She does this over everything, all day long. I may not have any official diagnosis for her, but I'm telling you this child is not normal and I don't know what to do!! I feel like just crying.
Does anyone else have kids that have meltdowns this bad?

poor you - been there too - J is now 7 and with age and ability to communicate come less meltdowns! I have also resorted to smacking - sometimes I could see no other way - he was too strong to keep on the naughty spot and I was getting nowhere. Please hang in there - pm us if you want us - and know that things WILL get better - children have good and bad days too and as you said it was all too much from the beginning - one of my nurses that deals with J said that you have plateaus then it gets better and sometimes it will get worse for a bit sort of the two steps forward and one back, but always know people are there for you.


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