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Originally Posted by dessertlady
I'm sorry, but I think I've forgotten what that is! Actually, DS was a champion sleeper until about 2 1/2. Then he got in the swing of being up with the sun, so in the winter he slept late and in the summer was up at 5:30 am We put room darkening shades in his windows all the time. We are living in our 4th house since this started and it never fails, he always winds up with a room with east facing windows! Our last house I actually tried to find a house with a room with north windows just for him. Currently he has windows that face east and west! The room darkening shades help, still up early, but not too early.

He has always had some trouble falling asleep and new places are hard for him also. He takes 6 mg of melatonin at bedtime to help him fall asleep, listens to smooth jazz and has a night light (which effects his sleep differently than the sun coming in the window).

When he was a baby and toddler he would sleep until a reasonable time and still take a really good nap, which DD never did! He will still conk out in the car if we've been out at the beach or hiking. We are currently trying to change his sleep habits and anxiety issues with bio-feed back, it is still to early to tell, but it seems to be helping.

previos post about obsessions - when he was little, golf, trains, balls, legos, cars

Now, cars, legos, GI Joe, computer and gameboy

As for metldowns, it depends. When he is hungry he can get pretty bad with things, usually when not getting a really desired food. Other than that, it depends on where and how rested he is. If he's already overstimulated, then they happen with more intensity. He is starting to try to control it and think of alternatives, not always, but sometimes. A lot of times if he will remember to remain calm, think of an alternate choice instead of getting upset, we will give the alternate as best we can (even if it's not something he would normally get, and we remind him that it is a special treat for staying calm).

Also, please check out the attached photo! DS decided he wanted to shave his head today! His skills trainer is currently hairless, so I think DS thought it would be neat to try. It took me almost an hour to get it done as he had lots of thick hair. Oh yeah, and DH is gone on a business trip!

Kristen I so know those meltdowns when hungry - trouble is he's always hungry LOL. Also have a trouble explaining that chocolate isn't for being hungry its a treat!

Love the hair cut - Joshua hates having toe nails and hair cut - he gets a no 1 all over and a treat for sort of sitting still - I have to do it at home as he's a pain at the barbers! Silly thing is - he's had loads of hair since born so had his first hair cut at 3 months - didn't bug him then!


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