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Mom of two autistic sons in Maine checking in. My older child is 9 and has Asperger's. He was formally diagnosed at 5 but we knew what it was when he was 2-3, just had to get the psychologist to see it. Actually, we just went to a neurologist instead. He has the ADHD that goes hand-in-hand with Asperger's. We have an aid for him at church (volunteer) that helps steer him and keep him from being too much of a distraction, but she had to be moved over to my other son. We told Aaron to be on his best behavior. One of the Sunday School leaders walked over to him and said "Aaron, I'm going to give you some space today, " to which he replied "well, you're not giving me any right now." Of course it was a disrespectful remark, but those of us parents with these kinds of kids know that he was just stating the facts as he saw them, not trying to be disrespectful. She thought it was funny. We laughed when we found out too. The other day he told me he thought we ought to do something very special from my grandmother when she turns 100 (in 4 more years). I asked him what. He said "I don't know, maybe buy her a lifetime supply of food." I just laughed and explained to him that it was funny because when people say that on TV, it usually means decades, but when someone is 100...

Anyway, my other son is seven in two weeks. He is further down the spectrum. His language has increased a lot, but he doesn't talk much unless he wants something. He was mostly in a special ed room this year and will probably be for awhile, although hopefully he'll progress from having a 1-1 aide to perhaps a 1-2 aide. He's a runner and a bolter. But oh so cute. He still is not potty trained, although he stays dry during the day. He does like to poop in his underwear though, which he saves doing for home. He doesn't seem to do it in his pants when he's not wearing underwear so I'm going to try dressing him without underwear whenever possible this summer. I soooo hate changing poopy diapers and pants. He still wears diapers to bed too. Ugh. He knows how to do it right...he just doesn't. Maybe turning 7 will help. We've been trying to condition him.

Hmmm, probably a lot more info than you wanted.

I agree to be an advocate for your kids. But I will also add that just as the "squeaky wheel gets the grease", "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar". It is best to work with people whenever possible. Sometimes people fight for this and that and while they get what they were asking for, some sacrifices in relationships were made along the way.

Stamping is also my therapy. And I use it to fundraise during April (autism awareness month).
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