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My DS is 9 yo and was dx'd at 3.5 yo with Asperger's. We are military and have moved 3 times since the dx, some moves better than others as far DS is concerned. We have been up and down with school. DS is extremely verbal. In the EI preschool in CA he tested at a 4th grade level vocab at age 4. After lots of battles with his grade school in VA, I homeschooled him for 2 years until we moved to HI. DS has some anxiety issues along with ADHD issues and gets overwhelmed by crowds sometimes. When we asked the school in VA have spend at least part of his day in self-contained the Sped Ed teacher told us he was "too bright" to be in self-contained at all, never mind that his behavior was regressing and he couldn't handle all the sensory input of a room with 25+ kids all day! Fastforward to HI. A school district with a rep for really bad schools is about bending over backward for him! We are in one of the top elementary schools in the state, he has a skills trainer (not just an aid) that works on his behavior issues, a licensed clinical social worker to do counseling at school with him and home with DH and I. DS spends most of the day in self-contained, but is being worked into regular ed at set incriments. Currently he does p.e., library, computer, lunch, recess and Hawaiian social studies with his regular ed class and field trips. We're thrilled with the progress he's making!!!

I truely believe that the success or failure of a child on spectrum in school depends largely on how willing the school is to truely make IEP's individual. After being in a school that was determined to force my "square peg" kiddo into their perfect little round hole, and then moving to one that was willing to reshape the hole for him, we are seeing an amazing difference. Okay, I'll stop preaching to the choir now!

Thanks for starting the thread, 'cause we all feel each others pains and joys.

Last thing, the social worker has started DS on some biofeed back, which we think is helping, but won't know for sure for about another month and a half. Has anyone tried this with their kiddo? The research we read said that when it works, it works great with the attention issues, etc (increases blood flow to frontal lobe that controls executive functioning). It doesn't promise a cure, just to help with some of the more trying tendencies. If any one esle has used this could you please post about the results? TIA
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