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wavejumper- You made me laugh so hard about the Great TPing. Thank you. I really needed the laugh.

Side Note- My Mom is a mean and stubborn. Not in a good healthy way. She's also in her eighties with a very bad heart condition. She gets so mean nobody likes to help her. I even have to keep my distance. I am not going to let my eighty something Mother be taken down by Covid. Watching all the elderly pass from this is tearing me apart. I go over to get her set up. No, she does not care. We are all going to survive. Sure, I can get her things. I can get her TOILET PAPER! I am like there is no TOILET PAPER!!!! She was flabbergasted. I am trying to tell her how bad this is. She does watch the news. When I told her they closed the Disney parks that got through to her. Yes, ladies I know a lot of it is age but she would have been like this in her forties. I am trying to get her friends safe & stocked up on supplies since I tend to be their only "family" who can help. They all want toilet paper. They haven't even filled up their prescriptions! I had to go out today and find more staples. I was lucky to. DH & I are going to have to cook for them. They are just not getting it. I understand, I really do. I had to set up a network with my group of friends so we can get meals and staples to them. Hugs and support to all of you who have elderly loved ones who don't understand or want to face it. I know it's frustrating. They all want Toilet Paper. Least, I didn't get asked for rubbing alcohol. I got asked for cookies and pet food.

Yes, my DH did laugh about our dog. She went to see my Mom and her friends. Her friends were like "She is just our sweetest and so fat!" Yeah, somebody is going to have to go on a diet, I guess. This week there is a theme going on about my sweet fat dog, lol. Part of it is her winter coat. I got one of those double coat dogs. She gets shaved next month when we start getting in the eighties.

Peroxide also makes a really great cleaning agent. It makes your faucets shine. I use it for blood too, laundry whitener. Mouthwash, especially if you have a toothache or sinus infection. Be careful with the tooth thing. Follow your dentist's instructions. Really good to mix it with pink himalayan salt- also dentist's instructions. Yes, definitely the hand sanitizer.

I can't even imagine blowing inks around with a straw. That is like a huge no.
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