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IMO, I think many of the companies in the stamping industry has become too price restrictive. Don't get me wrong I don't mind paying for quality but I do mind paying for markups. I talk about being a frugal stamper all the time and I always will. Part of me being a frugal stamper is buying quality items that last a long time.

No, I don't mind paying $12.50 for an unmounted stamp from 100ProofPress (for example). I don't mind paying a fair amount for S&H, especially from a small company that S&H can be a killer for them also.

It does disturb me when a company like SU is giving away cruises for their million dollar plus demo's but they can't offer their customer base more reasonable shipping or comparable prices to other stamp companies. There would be no cruises if there were no customer base. If SU reps are reading this please make us feel valuable to.

It also disturbs me that a million dollar demo's receive such high incentives. I am not saying she/he does not deserve it. I am not saying that at all. I am more likely to order from a demo that works from her kitchen table. I feel like they should be valued as much as the million dollar demo's. I have read on other sites that demo's are starting to feel a bit underappreciated.

Please do not think I believe that every demo should get a cruise. I know that is very unrealistic and unfair. A lot of workplaces value their employees and show all their employees they are valued. Yes, some will receive bigger perks or bonuses, etc.... Your business is only good if your employees feel valued, part of a family and that your customer's feel appreciated.

It does also bother me that this SAB is an extra stamp set that is being marketed as collectibles. We are stamper's, most of us don't what collectibles. We want things we will use in our creations.

I hope I didn't sound harsh. I haven't felt well all day and have a headache. I really want SU reps to understand that some of their business decison's of late are not the best decision in the long term. Like I said in my posts above. I love SU. I love their products. I don't want to see them go under. I do understand their company needs to change. A lot of us have seen favorite companies go under because of bad business decisions.
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