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Some things on the list I totally agree with - some however, I'm still on board with:
I'd keep:
llamas (I know, I know, but I still like 'em and falalalallama still makes me giggle)
snark and pun never go out of style in my family - I think it's genetic
mustaches for the most part - I was never on board with, however: Tim Holtz has a new holiday die set out (Cool Yule) that has a reindeer in it with glasses and a mustache that totally made me buy the set. Good thing it was 30% off!
cartoonish characters, for the most part. I have enough.

On the other hand...this year I have to say...

I think Lawn Fawn has been just knocking it out of the park since January or February. There isn't a release (which only come about every 10-12 weeks!!!) that I don't have most of. Even the relatively cutesy stuff. I don't think anyone is besting them at interactive dies. Love their dinosaur related stuff that came out last winter with the volcano set that erupted. I'd be happy with more dino related goodies.

MFT has gone to every other month releases. At first I was unhappy, but I think it's been a good thing. I love Birdie Brown, and someone else mentioned, Stacy Yacula is now designing for them, and I adore her 2 sets. I'm going to look to see where else she's been designing - really, really like what she's done.

I like the word/sentiment dies that some with the shadow behind them. I just like the look. Since I don't have an abundance of word dies, these are the ones I look for.

Concord & 9th turnabout stamps are a-mazing! Pure and simple, just a-mazing!

Hero Arts has been unspeakably good this year in their kit of the month. I could only subscribe (financially) to one, and it took me a while to hunt around and pick - like about a year!!! - and this is the company I chose. Their advent calendar in an A-2 card size die set this month? Flat-out fabulous. $35 well spent and I haven't had a kit that has gone unused since I started. Loved the carousel themed one (no cartoon character type thing here!) and would love to see more of that done, and done well by other companies. Nice amusement park background, just well done.

I know folks are tired of seeing them around, but I still love owls. Found one set by Rubbernecker stamps that I could turn into a Santa Owl easily enough. So yes, that is happening.

Honey Bee stamps has been doing some unique things - one I really liked was the My tribe: each Thanksgiving my daughter and I make little gifts that each part of our family takes home when they leave after Thanksgiving dinner (Saturday this year) and I'm using this Honey Bee Stamps set to make the card to go with it. It's pretty unique and I wouldn't mind seeing more like this.

I'd like to see more this, too:

Multiple pronouns available: My/our possibilities
Mr and Mr Mrs and Mrs wedding cards -- it IS nearly 2019 companies!!!
More adoption cards
Fewer companies feeling like they need to excel at EVER facet of the business, and concentrating instead at the 4 or 5 things they do best: for example, I liked it better when AlteNew focused more on stamps, dies and inks, instead of feeling like they also needed to embossing powders, papers, tapes, tape runners, alcohol ink pens, etc etc etc. I also won't do their blog hops because they have so many designers to visit it would take a day and a half to get through the first day....

End of too long post on what I like would like to see
small snark -- I love that it says post quick reply, cuz this was NOT a quick reply
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