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Originally Posted by Ozpom View Post
Happy Tuesday everyone.....summer has decided to "spring" here and late again...36 degrees yesterday and supposedly going to be 38 today...phew. Thankfully I am planning on spending it indoors.

Strange past few days....had to do lots more RICEing as not sure what I did to my knee but its been aching and blowing up a couple of days...back to wearing my compression bandage and being good Head returned...phew!

I also locked us out of our home at dinner time yesterday....we found out later our handle was faulty and had only been replaced 6 months only 5 years old...mmmm!! So we found ourselves with no mobiles, no keys, no spare keys anywhere and fortunately one gate open so we could get out and to our friend and neighbour's home. 2 hours later a locksmith was a public holiday, so $200 for a 15 minute job, we are back in our home...worth every dollar. Fortunately we had a porch at the front to sit under and it was a beautiful evening, and furniture out on the deck so I could RICE....and hubby had a beer out of the outdoor kitchen fridge We learnt a couple of lessons on this....spare keys and list of numbers of family/ many of you know your family's numbers? We found out we only knew ours ..all of them are saved on our phones.

So's going to be hot, we have lots of paperwork to do and house chores, and hopefully one day this week I will return to craft as my dining room table is looking very tidy and lonely..LOL.

Happy day everyone...sending some sunshine your way
Y'all got a different brand of door handle this time, right?
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