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Originally Posted by bjeans View Post
Elle, your enjoyment of being a scribe seems to dovetail with calligraphy. Are you thinking of combining the two? I can envision wonderful art, even quotations and how some old books have the first word in a beautiful script and the rest of the page regular text.
I thought about this a little bit, and I think I will start out by keeping them separate at first. Although they're related and would look lovely together, they feel entirely different. Calligraphy is very structured and deliberate, whereas the writing is a random stream-of-consciousness type. It's kind of like a detailed drawing vs a loose painting. You can get wonderful results if you combine the two together just right, but the process for each is entirely different. Maybe I'll have an easier time once that modern brush calligraphy becomes effortless (you know, like all them mega talented YT ladies make it seem in their videos).

I totally understand about the goals, too! While I love my to-do lists and how they keep me focused, I can see how they can become a source of pressure and stress that keeps you away from exploring freely.

One of my dear friends (Renée) is like this, too. If you give her a list of things to do or ask her to set a goal to work toward, it never gets done. It's not because she's being stubborn or mean, she just goes into a spiral of worrying about it, getting demotivated because it's stressful and then back to worrying. So, instead of goals and resolutions at the beginning of the new year, Renée does permissions. It wouldn't work for her to set a goal of having a beautiful garden in 2017, but she gave herself permission to putter around her garden for an hour every day. And at the end of 2017, she has a beautiful lush garden.

If goals are not your thing, that's ok! Feel free to share something crafty you might be looking forward to in 2018.
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