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Originally Posted by TinaMarie1 View Post
Beth, sometimes we must take baby steps. Those baby can be the hardest thing to do sometimes. But each baby step adds up to a big step and then a leap. Things can become easier.
This may sound really silly to people but her is my baby steps and stamping....
I had to do this back in 2005. One morning I was feeling great. I walked my kids to school. I came home and was making birthday cards.
THe worst horrific pain ripped through my head.
I was home alone and called 911 - thankfully I stayed concious long enough to.
I had a very large ruptured brain aneurysm and a stroke. I was in the ICU and neuro for 7 weeks.
It took months to feel myself again. My thinking was not "normal" .
I was actually AFRAID to stamp. Yup. I was terrified that if I sat to stamp that it would happen again. Like pressing a stamp into an inkpad cased it.! My husband kept bugging me to sit and stamp again. Finally I agreed to IF he would sit right there with me.
So that is how I started to stamp in my living room in our old house. TO start I just started to stamp images on scrap cardstock. Then eventually I slowly started to make a card.... and well I got back into stamping.
WOW I NEVER really talk about this bit about me before as I said, some people think it is crazy of me but I actually had that legit fear.
So just try a baby step and then another one. It can help maybe for you to?
I am praying for you and hope you can find your joy again in stamping.
Wow, I have a very similiar story. Mine occured in Dec of 2011. I was sitting at home and started to watch Criminal Minds (luckily I always had to watch it or I would have been in the shower) and started feeling really strange. Kept trying to call my son who was 2 houses away but he wasn't answering. I remember sliding out of my chair and soon my son was there screaming for his friend to call 911. He told me later that he picked up his phone and found numerous missed calls from me and tried to call me back but I wouldn't answer. I had visions of my other son and DIL standing there and I knew I was in the ambulance but dont remember much else. I do have a memory of the helicoptor ride as they life flighted me to another hospital. Luckily I found out later that they had the first stroke clinic. I was told later that I had a hemorraghic stroke. I was in the hospital for 18 days.

A couple weeks after my disharge I had an appointment with a neuro-surgeon. It never occured to me before to question why as I still did not have a lot of into on everything that happened. Took a lot of doctor appointments to get everything. But at appointment I found out that at had 2 aneurysms that they decided they didnt want to operate on until I had recovered from my stroke.. I had surgery 5 months to the day of my stroke,

It took me a while to get back to stamping and I love it more than ever. My style is more simple now. I recently gave away a lot of my stamps and have so much overwhelmed me and I am sure you have discovered that being in over-whelming situations is not good but this is one I could control by downsizing.

Hope this come through clearly. Typing gets hard after a while.

Take care and keep at it and do what you can!!
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