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Originally Posted by Hoboken Paper View Post
Donut can't stand still. He's always up and down and all around. But in the evening, after he's been out for awhile, he'll snuggle up to my hand, pull up a leg and close his eyes.

Your dogs are so cute that I had this image of them snuggling with you : )
The picture you see on my avatar here is of my first two corgis plus two that belonged to a friend. These dogs have all crossed the rainbow bridge. For a picture of my current dogs and a lot of fun stories, visit my blog at Corgi Tales As Princess and Dee Dee got older, they were less active and loved to just be with me. Dee Dee, especially. She was so attached to me, that when I would go somewhere, my neighbors (who were taking care of them) couldn't persuade her to go outside to go potty. She wasn't leaving the house until I got home and then she'd sleep on my coat for days so that I couldn't go away again. Princess was less attached, but she was DETERMINED to go with me wherEVER I went. If she saw the suitcase in the bedroom, she attached herself to my ankle and wouldn't let me out of her sight. Wherever it was that I was going - she was going too!!!

My present dogs, Scareltt (4) and Zak (3) are very very friendly, so much more social and they love EVERYONE. Anyone who comes to the house is Zak's new best friend. He loves me, but then again, he loves EVERYONE. Scarlett is my comedian and does the funniest things and makes the funniest sounds. I could write a book about just her antics!

By the way, I actually AM writing a book about my corgis. It is called DEVOTIONS FOR DOG Lovers. Subtitle: Life Lessons from my Corgis. It's slow going right now because of all that has happened in the past year but I have had so many people encourage me in my writing, that I do think this one will actually make it to publication. My heart, right now however, is to write my story of this past year .... it's just that I think I have to wait for the 'happy ending' and I'm not sure that will ever happen. I just filed a civil lawsuit in small claims court yesterday re: the church and the way they have treated me. Their false accusations are well documented and my extreme mental anguish is well documented too. My attorney says there is no question I will win this one. My goal is not monetary. I want answers.

I canít be overdrawn. I still have some checks!!
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