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OMG ..... I JUST learned tonight of someone else (male) who had almost the exact same type of stroke sequence that I did - only his was brought on by a non-malignant brain tumor - but the resulting symptoms - nearly identical, although less depression and more paranoia. This started in February and he is being released from a psychiatric hospital next week - and he is a RELATIVE of one of the people involved in my situation - but because of how that person rejected me, the family of my friend's brother is NOT telling them about it. I was knocked to the ground when I got the whole story tonight. The loss of friends, the pain of betrayal and having to adjust to a whole new world where people are suspicious of your every action, think you're lying when you've NEVER lied to them, and are totally afraid of you - it is IDENTICAL. The stigma of mental illness - whether caused by a stroke, a brain tumor, or something else - is alive and well and that is a tragedy I had NO IDEA still existed to the extent it does. I have known so many people who've struggled with various things and have stood by them, and I truly THOUGHT that most people would do the same - especially for a close friend or family member. How wrong I was!!!! I had to block my own brother's Email and phone number this week because he wrote me a scathing, judgmental Email that was sarcastic and over the top. No energy to defend myself and it never works anyway. All I can do is force some time and space for him to come to his senses and realize how out of line he was. You've heard of battered wife syndrome .... husband beats up woman, comes groveling back promising to never do it again, only to repeat cycle X 10 or 20 or 30 until the woman finally gathers her strength to get out of the relationship. I have battered sister syndrome .... it's gone on for years and I'm finally starting to stand up to it.

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