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I won't get a chance to be in my craft room til tomorrow (withdrawal!) but I'm excited to try this! I may get to Michaels later this week and finally get some gel medium. But in the mean time, another transfer technique to try if you don't have all the fancy stuff is simply using packing tape.

The easiest way is a bit of a cheat because it doesn't remove the printing to another medium like many do, but on the other hand, text doesn't come out backwards either! Simply take a strip of packing tape and put it over the text you want. I leave it curled back or barely touching where I don't want to pick up and smoosh it down good where I do. Then slowly and carefully pull off the tape, tearing off the top layer of the paper.

I've had good luck with this on all sorts of paper though with something like newspaper you end up tearing the whole bit out rather than just the top layer so it's even less of a transfer. But on thicker book paper or magazines you can get just the top layer with the print and it runs out translucent and kind of feathering away at the edges. I use the longer edges that I didn't stick down to adhere it where I'm using it, and often because I don't like the look of a big shiny piece of tape plopped down there, I hide the edges with collaged pieces or paint so just the text shows.

This is also the best way to transfer ink jet or other water soluble ink because it doesn't get wet. It just takes a little playing and experimentation to figure out how much you need to smush it down to get just the top layer...and every paper can be different. I recommend starting with text you don't want for your project to get a feel for that particular page. Or...photocopy it or scan/ print it with a laser printer and try the technique below!

You also get a true transfer without reversing if you wet down the back of the image after the tape is on the front. Let it soak in for a couple of minutes then roll the paper off the back. It's super easy! It usually takes all the sticky off the tape so you have to use something else to stick it down but it looks really cool and works great on magazine pages. Here's a Lindsey Frugal Crafter video where she demos it:

I hope it's okay to add this, it still involves using adhesive to transfer. I have had mixed luck with using glues (I haven't tried real gel medium yet tho) in the past but the packing tape method has always worked for me so it's a good alternative if you get frustrated with your glues...
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