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Good Morning, girls! Getting a late start to our morning due to construction on our road and dd's project at college - we're waiting on her before heading out

J, I don't know if you caught my question before (don't even know WHICH thread!) but how old is your dd? I was sharing with mine last night and while her eyes popped out of her head at the location, lol, I was watching her with interest as she is traveling down the same path, only she's hoping for the Appalacians. She wants to give up nursing - said it was never her 'dream' and that she feels that God has called her to work in the field of special education. She works with them now - by default - they literally gave her the 'class that no one wanted' and she was heartbroken by that (NOT TO HER!! That they say that about the kids, kwim?) She LOVES LOVES LOVES what she does! She already talked to her advisor and luckily she hasn't invested that much in her studies and has taken mostly core classes. Okay, I'm babbling .............

I finally made my blog rounds!! You girls are SO creative!! I've much to learn! I have missed my online life All my wonderful friends stuck in this computer I know that time will settle, it just comes and goes in busy cycles. It will be summer before I know it! WOOOOOHOOOO! I love summer! Especially because all my babies are home!! ♥

Darlene (and possibly Jeanette, Shelly) I cannot believe you all still have snow!! That is insane! What on earth. YEsterday we woke up to a CHILLL here - like get a jacket! It reminded me of when we were in Chicago! the wind just cut right through us and we had to duck inside a lot yesterday. Today is warmer but what on earth.

DD and the pup are fine - nothing ever became of that Which is nice. I DO NOT like conflict and avoid it at all costs. I just don't like adversity in any form and would rather we 'all just get along', lol. Which is why our new next door neighbors have me so baffled!! We have tried. I am telling you, they are like mafia hiding out or something - something isnt' right, lol. But thank you for your thoughts and wonderful words for her - she's NOT going to walk them anytime soon, that much I know!

Shell, Im sorry you are sick! Feel better, love! And I did get your card, yes!! It's STUNNING!! I was petting it after I opened it I just kept touching it over and over, what amazing talent, my friend ! Thank you! And no, you didn't miss my bday - it's tomorrow

Hugs for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
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