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Sadly, the USPS isn't going to do anything, you'll just get lip service!!!

I am a retired Postal Employee, so here's the scoop.

The Post Office is not in the business to take care with your lumpy bumpy envelopes. If you have put in lots of work, the card is super lumpy bumpy, your best course of action to get this to the recipient in one piece, use a padded envelope!!! Yes, it will cost you more, approximately $2.07, but isn't it worth it to get it to the recipient in one piece. There is an advantage to this method too. It will not go through their letter sorting machines, and it will get there faster!!

The machines used for sorting the mail will sort up to or more than 42,000 pieces and hour. This mail will winds through approximately 20 twists and turns in just one pass and is not set up for the lumpy bumpies we so love to make. There are so many belts this mail gets squished between, that if there's a lumpy bumpy, chances are very good that it will get the lumpy bumpy squished right out of it. One letter may go through 5 to 7 machine runs to get to you.

Seriously folks, my DH was a mechanic that worked on these machines, I worked on these machines as an operator, these machines DO NOT LIKE LUMPY BUMPIES!!!. The Post office sadly doesn't give a rats butt, and will shove and force just about everything it can through these machines. Sometimes the only way to get these jams out, is to tear the piece.

I too have had mail gone bad through these machines. I got the top half back with my address, and so very sadly, the bottom half made it to the recipient.

As of now, I have a Christmas card to a fellow SCS'er MIA. It was a beautiful card that was hand embroidered and had crystals on it. It's been 3 weeks now, and it's nowhere to be seen. It's my bad as I didn't send in a padded envelope. I do believe that I used bubble wrap, but I don't remember what I did 3 weeks ago. I have since sent another, but it's nowheres as beautiful as the first one I sent. At least I have a photo of the first one. I suspect that I will be getting "parts" back after Christmas.

And on that note, once it's been destroyed, it will take tame to get whatever parts are retrievable back, especially now with Christmas. Sadly, once it's in what is called the "Nixie" area, it's sort of gets lost in time. You wouldn't believe how much ends up there. Christmas is one of the worst times for "Nixies".

Bottom line... [B] If you have spent considerable time, it's super lumpy bumpy, and you really want the recipient to get the card in good condition, use a padded envelope, even placing a piece of cardboard in there for protection!! [/B

The Post Office really does not care about your card!!!

Have fun and be creative!


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