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I have a cute "Twin" story if you want to read about it...might get long...or you might just not be interested!

It has been noticed over the years that Red Bear prefers all foods red and has little to do with blue foods...Blue Bear (Kub) will eat either. Red Bear seldom wears any clothing that is blue (though blue jeans are now acceptable...yes, he went through a phase where he would only wear black jeans because he didn't want to be confused with his twin.) Blue Bear seldom wears red.

Both boys wear green and that throws me for a loop cause Blue Bear wore yellow, not green!

This last year Red Bear has taken a liking to anything pumpkin...Blue Bear has always loved pumpkin...and Red Bear used to eat it until he went through that phase of choosing different just to be different!

On Thursday we had dinner with the future in-loves...Red Bear was asked what kind of pie he wanted and was given the choices...Pecan, French Apple or Pumpkin.

Red Bear chose which Blue Bear quickly turned his head towards Red Bear and said in a very matter-of-fact statement..."You don't eat pumpkin!"

Red Bear smiled and said..."Yes, I do"...Blue Bear said..."Since when?" And we all chuckled as our family has been readjusting to who Red Bear really is...

Then Blue Bear was asked which pie he wanted...and he said..."Pumpkin of course!"

We chuckled again...

It's good to have people be who they really are rather than someone they aren't!

Pumpkin for both again...
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