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Default Did you jump back into creativity after a LONG hiatus?

Have tips?
We have had a bit of a difficult year here...well not really difficult..just A LOT going on.

First my husbands company sent him out of town to work for who knows how long, so he is gone all week and only comes home for 3 nights a I have had all 4 kids by myself :O

Next, we have had some issues with my 12 yo step-son. We have had custody of my husbands oldest 2 kids for almost 5 years and the 12 yo is bi-polar and has Asperger's Syndrome..( I haven't shared any of this much IRl and certainly not on line as its private and personal really, but it helps explain the chaos of our lives this year). And well, it has had some impact on our family as a whole. I won't go into a lot of detail, but it was scary for a while and I didn't really have anyone I could/would share with. It was a pretty lonely time but we survived and I think it made us a stronger family unit.

Then we bought a house..and older home that needs if right?( let us not speak of the outside work that needed to be done on 3 acres OH boy..guess what I did this summer Also , 2 weeks ago my whole family of 6 got the FLU!!!! My poor dd seemed to get it the worst..she has asthma so everything seems to flair that up. I just still feel so darned fatigued.

So all that to say I lost creativity for a while. I haven't blogged in nearly a year I think maybe..not sure to be honest.

BUT, I finished setting up what I am using for my studio atm, ( until we get the addition built on..hahahhaha, go on laugh with me). want to make something, but just not sure where to start. I tried working on a painting a couple of weeks ago and I swear everything I did to it just made it worse. I would show you, BUT I gessoed the whole thing over and now have a nice clean canvas again LOL..gesso ..the most perfect eraser ever

I was also asked to do an after-school art club at my dd's school. Had 40 kids sign up!! We split the kids into 2 groups to meet on different days..I can't tell you how much fun I have doing this. BUT..I am really not creating in there..more teaching which I enjoy but I think I would be a much better teacher if I had MY mojo back..kwim?

Anyway...if you took a long break for whatever reason, how in the world did you jump back into creating? Have any blogs that would help? ...projects or ideas? Anything really would be great.

Oh and I have missed SCS!! I am looking forward to chatting again! This is ones of the best most helpful group of ladies around..always so nice and supportive and encouraging. I sure have missed you all!!

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