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Originally Posted by kramomma View Post
Who will be taking care of this puppy when you want to travel with your daughter or your husband...or an overnight just because and no one is there to care for it?

I can't wait for the 2 dogs we have to die (or PS gets married so that she takes them away) (sorry for the bluntness but it is the truth)...they do not fit into my children's care schedule and the responsibility becomes mine by default...or they go in the kennel...which the outside dog does not like to be kenneled for any length of time and has mental issues while caged!

Maybe it will work for you...but...we don't find people willing to allow our dogs to visit with us...though there were some people who didn't like the idea of 2 crawlers or toddlers visiting it was just me!
Can't get any more blunt than THAT!

But you do have a point. We would ask the neighbors to check on the pets & feed them. However, we don't travel like some of y'all do. Our pets would be heartbroken. They would think we died or something. Last time I had sinus surgery, Dale had to bring Penny Marie in to see me bedridden...cuz she was moping around so bad in the shop!

And Joyce, as for the sinus over & over...sadly, she may have chronic sinusitis. She might need to go to a specialist, an ear / nose / throat (ENT). It's most likely allergies. I would suggest a daily does of Claritin or Allegra - whatever similar item works. Additionally, I also take a daily dose of Mucinex and use Afrin when I have sinus pressure. Neti pot is good for clearing out the nasal passages. I usually have sinus surgery every fixe, six years or so...when it gets so bad, I get a new infection before the old one is gone.
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