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I never move the rollers except for when I cut vinyl . However I make sure the white rollers on "both sides" are connecting with the mat as I insert it . All the rollers do is advance the mat they have nothing to do with the paper size you are using . The reason you need to adjust the rollers for Vinyl is it is often 6"-9" or 12" wide and the rollers are set to 13" apart for the standard mat size

I "show " the mat so I can see where to put my images on any size paper including scraps .

Open your Silhouette software.
There is a menu across the top
On the far right side you will see 4 icons. One is a grid in blue: One has 3 corner marks ; One has a pencil and one is a black square with a red square inside of it .

Click on the black square with the red square inside of it

You will get a side bar ( on the right) that says "Page" at the top

Go down about 3/4 's of the way and you will see "Reveal Cutting mat" Move the slider to the right until you can clearly see the grid on the mat on your screen. The grid is in 1" increments so you can use any size paper or scrap.

I often use small pieces of card stock and just count the number if squares on the grid so i know where to place my image on the screen mat

As far as cutting I generally use 1 or 2 for my cutting speed , especially for intricate designs .

When I start a piece of card stock that I have not used before I always use the "TEST CUT "feature . It is located on the " Silhouette Cut setting page" and that comes up when you click on the " pencil" icon. It appears in a rectangle "above" the actual cut button .

It only cuts a tiny square that doesn't interfere with the image I want to cut. If the test cut doesn't come out correctly then I alter my blade depth or cutting speed or both .

Alter the blade depth if the cut did not cut through or if it cut too deeply into the mat. All cuts will leave some marks on your mat but it should not gouge it .

Alter the cutting speed to a lower speed if it is an intricate design and it is tearing or skipping .

Some paper is more fibrous and doesn't cut well. I had some cheap black CS that caused a huge mess. The fibers imbedded into my mat and would not come off.

Some SU CS ,depending on the color cuts fine . Gina K's CS cuts well and most Bazzill that i buy and Hobby lobby cuts fine too. There is a thread on which card stock works well with a Silhouette or other electronic cutter .

I hope this helps

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