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Originally Posted by Forest Ranger View Post
Good Morning Fellow Stamp Addicts! Remember me?

Yikes! I've been gone a looooooooooooong time. And it hasn't been completely fun. LOL! As you know, we went on vacation - we had a GREAT vacation!

We got home late Friday night and Saturday was spent doing a mountain of laundry, getting the Bible study ready to teach on Sunday, etc. Then we had a fright on Sunday, which has engulfed my life with anxiety (sleeplessness, nightmares, etc) and laborious cleanup. Our house and church were in the three blocks of our town that were impacted by a tornado. Fortunately, it didn't touch down, but from the looks of the trees, it raced through about 12-15' in the air... right over our house. We have no basement so scrambled into the interior bathroom in our home. Our Brock was such a trooper - he rushed in there with us without a question as to why we were acting so crazy. We hadn't any more than gotten into the bathroom that a loud knock came to our front door... so DH went and answered the door and let our terrified neighbor who lives in a trailer in. He joined us in our cramped bathroom. Talk about neighborly bonding.

When the tornado had passed - which didn't take long, we discovered devastation outside, but fortunately our home and lives were spared. It toppled some trees completely - on the school property directly across from our church. Our church had 3 severely damaged trees - they are so compromised that we are seeking someone to take them the rest of the way down. The city did clear the branches on one of them because it was in danger of hitting their power lines. Our yard lost a big part of a tree - it, too, will have to come down. The section of tree hit DH's truck and he has a broken windshield, dented fender, and dings on the top and hood of the truck. He's working at getting an adjuster to look at it - not sure how quickly that will happen.

Our neighborhood lost power because two electric poles came down taking the lines with them. They got us back up before bedtime Sunday night - though the church was without power until Monday evening.

Cleanup has been exhausting - exacerbated by a lack of sleep due to severe nightmares.

Oh, and to make matters worse, yesterday the piece that fills the opening to the "attic space" above the garage came tumbling down - yep! It's right over my Cubby Hole! So more messes to clean up. UGH! DH says it probably was loosened by the tornado and finally came loose yesterday. Yikes! When the tornado was passing through - the reason I knew it was is because of the WHOOSHING sounds in the garage. I thought the garage was going to explode! I was in the laundry room which is right beside the garage. My DH was in the extra bedroom watching the weather report on TV and he heard the freight train sound the tornado was making. So he gathered Brock and we all rushed to the bathroom.

On top of all that, this week's schedule - meetings and such - is horrendous. Either DH or I (or both of us) have meetings scheduled EVERY day and tonight is our church's annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Needless to say, I am so far behind on everything............. and would love to crawl in bed and sleep instead. LOL!

I'm so far behind that I don't have time to read and catch up... so please let me know if I missed anything important. THANKS!
Jeanette! Thank the Lord that you guys are okay. How scary for all of you. I'm sure glad that Brock didn't freak out with the storm coming. My DGS hates storms. He would not have been such a happy camper. I have a GF that has family in Washington, and one of them lost her house to the tornado. She has other family that she's staying with right now, but so sad to lose everything that you've worked so long and hard for.

So sorry about your Cubby getting dumped on. I'm sure you're right in there getting it all cleaned up. You are a "take charge" kind of woman and will have everything right side up in no time.

How'd the dinner go tonight? I hope that there were lots of ladies at church helping on that one.
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