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Originally Posted by mcschmidty View Post
Waving Hello! I worked extra today- we have nurses dropping like flies and it is such a BUSY time at work! So, I worked extra today to help out. I am off tomorrow- Yeah!

I hope you enjoyed your day off today!

We drove all day Sunday- out the door by 9AM Central time- when we are home, that never happens! We hit really bad Thunderstorms then high winds. I had the great fortune of driving thru the worst of it....pretty wild- only about 5 minutes of really scary, then we had the most amazing sky!

I hate driving in the rain. That stems from when I was first driving and had 2 accidents in the rain. In fact, I quite driving in the rain for a long time. If it started to rain after I was out, I would turn around and go back home. Glad you made it safely through.

I have to tell you all a quick story.....when Stephi was getting ready to run on Sat., a butterfly fluttered around by her and then came and landed by us...... It was about 60 out, and NO bugs anywhere..... We did not see another bug all weekend either..... I felt like everything is going to be OK...... I am not sure what that was all about, but felt really strongly that Stephi has an angel watching out for her! Has that ever happened to anyone???

What a sweet story. I'm sure that Stephi does have an angel watching over her as we all do. It's nice to see it up close and personal sometimes.

Maxine- please remind us when your post will go up for Spellbinders- so cool!!! Enjoy the mild weather and the flowers! So true about the weeds growing at twice the speed of the grass and flowers!

Lynn and Kelly- hope the computer issues get resolved quickly!

Kelly- glad little guy is better and you are not flat in bed! Mmmmm I want to go to Germany - where did you live? My Mom's Grandpa was from ~ 30 Km East of Cologne..... I think it would be so awesome to visit there and meet up with relatives.....! Enjoy the wine.

I am at the end of 2 weeks of antibiotics and really better, but still stuffed up.., well not really stuffed up, more like I can feel my sinuses are swollen inside..... I called today to see if I can get an allergy shot this week, and they want me to come see the doc tomorrow afternoon. They said alot of people are sick- the mold counts are really high. (Mold allergy is why we have an artificial tree for Christmas).....

Hope you're feeling better today. Allergies are the worst. Have you ever tried using a Neti Pot for your sinuses. I have a contraption similar to one that I got after I had my sinus surgery, so if my sinuses really start acting up, I use it and it cleans them right out.

Maggie- you have so much fun woman! I love how much you do with friends and get out of the house! Cool for your friend that gets to travel all over- does she like that??? Sometimes the boring days at work are not so bad...long as they do not drag on.....

OK- gotta get to bed! I have to try to get unpacked tomorrow and get some laundry done : )

LOL! I really don't get out all that often. I guess it just seems that everything has happened all at the same time here lately. Mostly, I'm a stay at home. Thanksgiving is upon us soon and it will be very busy then too. I really have a bunch of cards that I need to get finished up for DT's that I'm on.
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