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Had a fabulous time in Dallas. There were a few hiccups along the way, but still was able to enjoy every minute of it. I should have gotten to my hotel about 8 or 8:30 on Thursday night and ended up not getting there until after 10. I had a hard time finding the right exit off the freeway. It turned out that it was a left exit (the only one) and I was looking for it on the right side. I went off the freeway to go call my GF who lives up near Dallas to see if she could help me. I pulled into a Jack in the Box and parked and some man walked over to my car and was talking to me, so I rolled down my window and he said that I had a board stuck to my back tire. Sure enough I got out of the car and there it was. Ugh! I told him thanks for letting me know and he left and I called my GF. While I was talking to her I saw a guy in a truck close by and he had his truck door open fiddlin with something, so I walked over there and asked him if he could change a tire. I was lucky because I have a full tire that I keep in my trunk. He very nicely came over and changed it for me and wouldn't take anything for it. He was meeting a friend and going to a meeting the next day. After I got that taken care of, it still took me at least another hour to find the right road to the hotel and get checked in.

Friday morning when I got up, I logged on my computer and looked through my e-mails. I didn't have time to get on SCS or anything then, but I did delete the e-mails that I didn't need. When we took a lunch break I went back up to my room and logged on again - or tried to. My computer crashed!!!!!!! It wouldn't let me even get into it. My profile somehow got corrupted and it wouldn't load it. So that was that for awhile. After our workshops and the Critique session, it was ab out 8:15 and I went back up to my room and called my GF. Her DH is a whiz at computer. I'm not sure exactly what he used to do for a job, but he's a big consultant now to a lot of the colleges around Texas. He comes down to Baylor and Rice and last week was down at Texas A&M on a consulting job. Anyway, I talked to him for awhile and he was able to walk me through to get on in Safe Mode and I was able to access my desktop and documents.

Then on Saturday it was down again. On my lunch break I was able to get back on it in Safe Mode, but it said that my Start Up Menu or something was corrupt and did I want it to fix it. Of course I said yes, so it started a repair and then did a system restore, so I was back in business.

On Sunday I went to IHOP to meet my GF and her DH for brunch. I still wanted him to look at it, but didn't know if IHOP had WiFi or not, so we went back to the hotel where I had access and he was able to go through a bunch of different things to get my profile restored. We also worked on the cursor wonkiness and he confirmed that the touch pad on the laptop was set to very sensitive, so he lowered that to see if it would help. It has a little bit, but it's still giving me fits. The only way to avoid it is to turn off the touch pad and just use the mouse, but sometimes I like using the touch pad, so I'm not doing that.

Luckily the drive home was uneventful. I made one stop to gas up the car and get something to eat and was home before 5.

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