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Bazaar Apron Poem

"We're sending you this apron gay
Please do us a favor this very day;
Measure your waistline and note the inches
(Don't pull the tape measure till it pinches.)
Then for each inch, please count one cent
And send us the sum of your measurement.
With the cents you give, for our _____ we'll pay;
The money you waist we pocket this way."
~ Name Of Organization
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A Carnation for You
By Hilda M. Krohn

A carnation for your buttonhole
On Father's Day, my dear,
When the children have all grown,
We'll celebrate with cheer.
An understanding husband,
A most dear and loving Dad,
You are the very best
A lucky family ever has had.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
By Betty Stuart

I used to measure him
By my arm's length,
My little son--dependent
On my strength. . .
And as he grew,
I was his measuring stick.
It seemed he reached my knee
So very quick. . .
And then beside my elbow
(Still quite small)
He stood and proudly boasted
He was tall!
Why, only yesterday
It must have been,
His tousled head came
Just beneath my chin. . .
Today, he casually entered,
In his teens,
And stood before me,
Dressed in faded jeans.
With blue eyes on
A level with my own,
He grinned and said
In gay and bantering tone,
"I'm just as big as you--
You'd better grow,
Or I will pass you up
Before you know,"
Then wondered why my eyes
Held sudden tears.
This was the brief time
Of the fleeting years
That we'd be of the same size,
One another--
Tomorrow he'll bend down
To kiss his mother.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Author Unknown

Like spring goes with flowers,
Like honey goes with bees,
These Sugar Honey Grahams
And milk go down with ease!

The kiddies all adore 'em,
Their flavor smacks of honey,
Baked crisp, yet kept so tender,
To bring out smiles so sunny.

They're backed by famed NABISCO
As wholesome as can be,
Just naturally nutritious
So get some -- 1---2---3!
~~ <> @ <> ~~
All in a Word
By Aileen Fisher

Tfor time to be together,
Turkey, talk, and tangy weather.

H for harvest stored away,
Home, and hearth, and holiday.

A for autumn's frosty art,
And abundance in the heart.

N for neighbors, and November,
Nice-things, new-things to remember.

K for kitchen, kettles croon --
With kith and kin expected soon.

S for sizzles, sights, and sounds,
And something-special that abounds.

That spells THANKS. . . for joy of living
And a jolly good Thanksgiving.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
By Clara J. Denton

I'm glad that I am not today
A chicken or a goose,
Or any other sort of bird
That is of any use.

I rather be a little girl,
Although 'tis very true,
The things I do not like at all,
I'm often made to do.

I rather eat some turkey than
To be one, thick and fat,
And so, with all my heart, today,
I'll thankful be for that.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Happy Valentine's Day
By Kay Hoffman.

February is the month
When hearts go on display;
In every card shop window
There's fanciful array.

Painted hearts and lacy hearts,
Some with darts and cupid's bow,
And on each card endearing words
That say, "I love you so."

I'd like to fill the mailman's pack
Up to the very brim
With valentines to bless each home
And all who dwell within.

I'd like to make a mother smile
And brighten Grandma's eyes,
And give a dad who feels left out
A shiny bright surprise.

I'd like to give to every child
A valentine to treasure;
One that says "Without a doubt
You're loved beyond all measure!"

For all the lonely hearts I'd add
A special line or two,
Letting them know that they are loved
Each day the whole year through!

A super giant valentine
To the world I'd send;
I'd ask all nations to join hearts
And truly be good friends.

I'd fill each mailman's pack sky-high
With loving hearts entwined,
Until the whole wise world became
A great big valentine!
~~ <> @ <> ~~
My Heart Is Yours
By Carice Williams

I have two arms to give to you
To hold you and caress;
To do my best to bring to you
A bit of happiness.

I have two lips to speak soft words
So meaningful and true,
To tell you what it means to me
To share my life with you.

I only have one heart to give
But it is yours, my dear,
For you make life a paradise
Whenever you are near.
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