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Had my first sale on Saturday and I did very well. Very well for me is around $200. it was a small fair, not many vendors and only went fro 9-1. I hope they get more vendors in next year so more people will come to the sale. It was slow at times too and I was really thinking that I didn't do very well. But when I packed up and had empty boxes that were full when I came I realized I sold more than I thought I had.

The Hershey snowmen (big and small) didn't sell, but that's probably because it was October.

I did make the Elf and Turkey legs (posted links to them about a page ago) and they did sell. Sold them for $2.50. The elf ones are pretty easy to do, the turkey takes longer and I'm going to see if I can shorten the time they take a bit.

I made coaster calendars that stand on a desk and those sold well. My acrylic desk set (acrylic frame with calendar, post it note and a clip) sold too (i don't make many of them but they usually all sell out by the end of my sales).

Gift card holdes are my biggest seller at that sale and I sold a ton of them. Now I need to make a ton more. I had several different designs this year but the belly band one, the simplest one, sells the best I think.

I had a lot of leftovers from last year (key fobs, magnets, little purses that held lip stick) and I put those out and some of that sold as well. Those purses (pattern is from Frenchie) hold a gift card too so people like that.

I did my chapstick differently this year though, I followed a pattern using the dress die from SU - and you make this little box that the chapstick goes in and the dress goes on the front and back of the box. They are really cute and I sold a few of them.

I did nugget jars too made with the jar die and stamp set from SU. Those were kind of a pain to do and I don't think I'm making them again next year. But I sold a few of them too.

I also had actual jars that I picked up a few years ago from Michael's in the wedding section (small and larger ones) that sold very well.

I didn't take pictures but I will when I repack and post them in my gallery. Nothign that we haven't seen before, but its my take on things.

I have three more sales to do and i'm going to make some cards for those sales. Not many, but I'm going to try cards at the next one.

And the Hershey trees too that were mentioned earlier. Those are so cute.

And some type of bookmark. I always have bookmarks at my sales but I just ran out of time for this one. I had some left over from last year (but I didn't like them!) and I put them out and sold a couple.

Oh and those magnets. I was really on the fence on doing them but I did them (I think Diane convinced me). Dollar store glass, glue, and I just used SU designer paper. picked out pretty areas of the paper or maybe an image, so they were really quick, and cheap to do. The most expensive thing is the magnet on the back. Mine are small though, some are half an inch, some are maybe an inch or a bit bigger. I sell mine 3 for $2.00 and last year (these are again left overs!) sold a ton of them. I sold some more at this sale too. I made a billion of them I think! Kind of got carried away in doing them cause they were so fun and quick and cute. And I don't bag them, I let people pick what they want and mix/match (and some do take the small ones with the big ones). I put them on a metal tray (Dollar Store) up on a table picture frame holder thing (Dollar Store!). I have more that I did with one inch tiles I had bought before but I haven't even put those out yet. I think they will make an appearance at the next sale though. And even those are cheap to do.

Did anyone else have a sale this last weekend?
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