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Originally Posted by mcschmidty View Post
Morning! This is the last time I will get back on her before I head home! My Dad is mad at me today- I put a bunch of jewels (self adhesive) on the microwave and stove numbers and told him he should be able to run the microwave and turn the oven on himself..... As he has poor vision, he would not always need my Mom to do it for him. He has been in his room all morning giving me the silent treatment. He is really pouting that my Mom is off painting and he is stuck at home.

I have used a Jig saw for my first time and wired a lamp yesterday- never have done that before either....I am going to head home much smarter than I was when I got here!

Kelly and Jeanette- safe travels! I will pray for good traffic and health!

Darlene- awesome to get the shed up and going! Nothing like being able to cross those big items off the 'done' list!

Lynn- I have not had that issue- as long as I hit Publish, it goes up whe it is supposed to. I usually use it for my Mon night Sweet STamps post- so weekly.....

Maggie- sounds like another fun filled weekend for you! Happy Birthday early! How will you get the cat to go in his carrier??? I hope the ear mites are all gone- ewwwww!

Maxine- sounds like you got alot accomplished yesterday- fun, fun!

I played a little as well- got the house clean, the laundry caught up.....The dinner I made last PM was terrible! I bough Pork ribs, and they were really tough and full of fat. My Dad is really missing Mom's cooking! We will go out to dinner tonight : )

I ordered from Oozak a long time ago- very quick service. I recently found reinkers on sale at Joann with free shipping, so I ordered MANY of them- what a great buy- they were $5.something..... I also got Neenah from McMahon Five and have enough to last me a while......!

Waving hello to all! and Goodbye- see you Monday!

Sounds like Dad likes having people wait on him and not doing for himself. I'm sure he'll get over his funk. Just give him time to get used to the idea and he'll probably be grateful to be able to do for himself.

Yah for you. I've always wanted a circular saw but never bought one. I don't think I will now. Earlier in my life, I would have used it.

Thanks for the b'day wishes. I had the carrier all ready and open in the garage so this morning when I got up and Corey is all lovey dovey, I was able to just pick him up, hold him close and take him out and put him in the carrier. He wasn't happy with me -- hissed at me and was not happy with the vet either. When we got home though I left him in the garage for a minute while I came in and turned the alarm off and go the plates out for the kitty breakfast. I thought it would be good to wait until we got home so he'd have something good to look forward too. It worked out. When I got the food ready, he was sitting in the bedroom looking out my way. I called him and showed him the food, so he did come out and that way he felt better and stayed out with the others when he was done eating.

I went in and laid in my bed a little while ago and ended up with all 4 of them in bed with me and Casper was crawling all over me trying to snuggle.
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