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Originally Posted by T. Joy View Post
And I love it all! I just love how it flows as a continuous story from beginning to end. Sometimes when we just read snatches here and there we miss the fact that it all fits together and we can get such mistaken ideas because we take one little part and miss the context. And then there's the fact that there's always MORE. You can never clean out the gold mine... it's continuous! And, and, and... I'd better stop or I'll hijack the thread but good!!

Onto my daily update...

I'm caught up with HYCCT (very important, dontcha know??!!)
I made lunch.
I have GW orders ready to go out.
I have cramps.
I need to clean up the kitchen and transfer laundry.
I need to update my to-do list
I need to do GW End of Month
I need to go to the PO, Library, Walmart
I need to decide about going to see Mom, but she got a flu shot yesterday and with my luck I'll catch it from her. But maybe that's an excuse and I'm just grumpy... (see #4 above)
I'd like to make a Flourishes card
I'd like to make an MFT card
I'd like to eat a bag of chocolate (see #4 above)

That about covers it!
Your top part is very true and why I only used to read the Bible in order from Genesis to Revelation. It's been a while since I've managed that, however.

Hugs on #4. Many of the above sound quite pleasant and will hopefully chase the grumpies away.

As for me, I would feel much less like a loser if I could find where I absentmindedly placed Archer's homework, but on the plus side I've tossed several papers today! Grace and kindness, grace and kindness. Even to myself. Blissfully, Ezra lost his whistle.

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