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Originally Posted by Illinois Marge View Post
Was walking Shadow at 6:30am and saw my neighbor down the block (she sold her townhouse, had an estate sale last weekend and remember I got a floor lamp). She was moving last minutes odds and ends to her new apartment. The moving truck for the big stuff had come a few days ago but some stuff wasn't ready to go. Like she hadn't yet emptied the kitchen drawers, etc.

She had already done one carload. Before 6:30am!!! She looked exhausted and her heel spur and knee were bothering her. She's about 63 yrs old and I used to go to WW with her every Sunday morning. I asked if she needed help. She hesitated....but then admitted yes, she did.

So I came home, deposited Shadow, showered and went back to help. We did 2 more carloads -- load, go to apt, unload up to 6th floor. And loaded up the car for a 3rd batch that is going to charity. Then she asked me to wrap up a pottery collection and would I mind wiping out the fridge? (I kept asking what more I could do because she looked so tired after the past few weeks.) She had paid cleaning ladies to come the previous day so the rest of the house was done/looked good & clean, but in one of the carloads was food from the freezer and fridge. So the cleaning ladies had not been able to do the fridge. So she had to go meet someone at her new apt who was coming to hang artwork, so I went back and did that.

If I hadn't just happened by, she would have struggled all by herself. The reason she is moving is her husband is now in a nursing home with Alzheimers and is is moving to a more affordable, smaller apartment. Just like my old neighbors who moved to CA last year (new neighbor Susan that Jane met bought their place) -- they thought they could do it by themselves. I kept offering to help them but they said it was under control....till the last 2 days they caved. I ended up cleaning out their fridge too, LOL.

Maybe my next career could be helping people exit houses and get them ready for the new owners, LOL
Marge, I love how kind so many people in your neighborhood are. It was a pleasure meeting so many of your wonderful neighbors. Although i would have loved to pumpkin-bomb the fences of the not-so-nice ones...

(maybe this is the reason you didn't introduce me... lulz)
God sent angels down to earth in the form of dogs with notes saying 'don't judge, just love.' They ate the notes but keep trying to deliver the message.
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