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Originally Posted by tinab158 View Post
Ok....first a deep breath....I need to get this out before I explode.

It seems PTI still hasn't figured out the proper way to run their customer service department. After finding this thread this morning...many of you won't be surprised.

I have been a loyal customer for years and have spent thousands of dollars on their products. I even persevered thru the Great Email Delete a couple years ago...I got over the months-delayed Anniversary Stamp Set(s)...I lived thru the bad ink snafu (altho' I refuse to order a single "new" ink pad because they refused to credit/exchange for their "bad/old" ink pads)...I got used to the idea of no longer having a free storage box with the stamp sets...and I waited patiently for delayed shipments. Today, however, I have had my fill!

I placed an order during their "Stamp-a-faire" event on August 24th, 2013. Nicole posted about the event on her blog several times and promoted a free stamp set, "Reasons to Smile." This stamp set would be available to any customer who placed a $100 order on the 24th between the hours of 7:00am and 11:30pm. There wasn't a link to place this free stamp set in your cart when it came time to was to be magically included with your order.

I placed my order for $104...and decided to take advantage of my earned Reward Points (11) my total payment was $93. Imagine my surprise when the free "Reasons to Smile" set wasn't included in my order.

I immediately contacted Customer Service/Jennifer...and was told my order dropped below $100 when I accepted the $11 credit for my Reward Points. What!? Jennifer continued to insist the rules were "clear"...all orders must total $100 AFTER any Reward Points. Say what?! Where was that rule? I asked if I could submit $11 and have them restore my 11 points and send the stamp set to me. Absolutely exceptions. Huh? We emailed back and forth a few times that day...until she suddenly stopped. No more communication. As you know, there is no phone number to call...this is what we call a Dead End.

So, I popped over to their forum. I politely posted my issue there. Several people came forward and supported my complaint over the past couple of weeks. Some incredible folks even offered to send me their Reasons to Smile promotional set. How nice was that? I declined their hopes PTI would do the right thing. How silly was that logic?

Rick (forum moderator) commented on my thread and said the rules were "clear"...and I should have been aware of the $100 minimum AFTER Reward Points. Perhaps it was me, but I felt his tone was very condescending and rude.

Since I had Rick's attention...I re-submitted my offer to send $11 in exchange for the stamp set and for my 11 Reward Points to be re-instated. What did I hear, you ask? Crickets. Nothing.

I decided to do some research on how I could have missed the "$100 minimum AFTER Reward Points" if the rules were so "clear" per Jennifer and Rick. I went back to Nicole's blog (where I learned of the promotional give-a-way in the first place). Nicole had 4 separate blog posts dealing with the those 4 posts, there were 5 paragraphs/sections solely dedicated to the rules for obtaining the free stamp each of those sections, the rules were the same: Order $100 worth of product on the 24th between the hours of 7:00am and 11:30pm. No mention whatsoever of the important "$100 minimum AFTER Reward Points." Huh? How is that possible? There was a single mention of this most important rule in the FAQ section at the bottom of a lengthy post far away from the paragraph describing the promotions rules.



This brings me to today...and my frustration. I posted the above findings (politely, of course) on their forum yesterday. Two people commented and agreed with my position. Today...the entire thread is gone! So...I started a new thread and posted a small comment basically asking where the thread had was up for less than an hour...GONE!

This is how they deal with customer service issues? They stop responding to emails and they delete any potentially negative comments from their forum.

I feel like the door was slammed in my face. I love PTI products (I haven't had any trouble with them, other than the ink pads)...but their customer service has ruined my experience. I will probably go thru PTI withdrawals, because I have been purchasing their products forever. Deleting both of my threads today was the final straw! The company will continue without fact, they probably won't even know I'm not ordering anymore.

I came here to post my complaint in hopes others will be advised. I'm pretty sure not even the long arm of Rick can delete this forum post.

Ok...I feel better. I got it out of my system...I've told of my experience...and I've let anyone who reads this know that PTI customer service is still broken. Order at your own risk.

This thread was brought to my attention today because of it appearing I was associated with it (someone emailed me to ask if I was back with PTI). Could you please change your post to reflect that it was not me who sent you that email? I have not been with PTI since March 2012; your email very likely came from Julie, one of the owners. I think she handles most of the customer service emails. Thanks!
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