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Originally Posted by winnb View Post
I guess it's hard to know sphere to draw the line. I own my own business and kind of see it from a PTI view point. I certainly wouldn't sign an agreement without reading all points. If PTI allowed the $11.00 exception, what about $15.00?, well then what about $18.00? Where does it stop? A rule is a rule. Speed limit says 55 not 66. (11 miles over) I'll get a ticket and the cop points to the sign and I say "I didn't see the sign" - ill still get a ticket.

Emotionally, there is no expectation to understand this, but practically it can be understood. Doesn't mean one has to be happy, but life will go on. As the old song goes, "I can be happy if I have a mind to".
I agree with you...a rule is a rule. I love rules. Rules keep order, however they're only good when everyone knows what they are and where to find them.

The problem here is Nicole didn't list all the rules in one place...the consumer was expected to read every single word of every post to catch any new rules...even rules that were listed only one time, while the main rules were listed five times.

In my opinion, it wouldn't have mattered if it was $11 or $15 or $18 difference...if the situation was the same (Reward Points were used) then the whole matter could have been easily resolved and reversed. For goodness sakes, they'd have more money in their pocket!

As far as your speeding analogy...that's not always true. Just because you exceed the speed limit there may be a valid reason (think emergency) and each individual "speeding" traffic stop is assessed on an individual basis. If that speed limit sign you point to is "new" or "obstructed" in some manner...there's a good chance you'll pull away from that traffic stop with a warning to do better next time. How do I know this? Ask me what my day job is?
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