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Originally Posted by CraftyMel2 View Post
I understand that you are upset. I did go back and look at one of the blog posts and in the FAQ's it mentions using your rewards points but I guess I can see how it would be missed. There is a part of me that thinks...well, they could have sent you a set for customer service and been done with it, not a huge deal I don't think. But then the other part of me says that, who knows, there could have been 100 people who did the same thing; at what point do they, as a business, draw the line? I can see both sides of this one but I am fairly easy, this situation would not be a deal breaker for me.

As far as the post being removed from their forum, there is a chat site that I used to go to that was notorious for deleting posts that they did not like/approve of. It actually turned into a bit of a joke that if you dared to say anything bad about them at all...even if it were 100% would be deleted. People would actually open new threads asking the mods to delete threads that THEY felt were not appropriate. Eventually, the inmates were running the asylum and nowadays, very few people post in there at all.

Yes, that's my point. In all of Nicole's four posts...there were a total of five paragraphs explaining the rules. There was only a single mention of the use of Reward the bottom of a lengthy post. It's crazy to expect every customer to read every single word, of every single post, to search for additional rules. My point is that if it was such a vital part of the promotional give-a-way (and it seems as tho' it was)...then Nicole could/should have listed in along with the other rules. Simple as that.

I agree, there very well might have been other customers in the same boat...which further emphasizes my point.

I suggested in my PTI forum post (that was deleted) that if promotional items were available for placement in shopping carts, the rules could be listed there, "clear" and available for all to see, rather than tucked away in a one liner on a long blog post. They could have promotional sets listed just like they do for the Anniversary Sets. They agree, before they deleted the thread.

I feel customer service is the heart of the company...and I have seen many others disappointed with their responses from PTI. Today was my turn in the hot seat. My walking away from PTI has more to do with their response to my issue, than my disappointment with not receiving the promotional stamp set I feel I should have received. I can live without the stamps, I can't support a company who doesn't care for their customers.
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