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BCRibbon ** COMPLETED ** - Secret Elves, Please Apply Swap

You know it is fast coming!

The Holidays!!!!
Your help is needed to bring smiles to SCS crafters!
All elves please apply!

This is a 1:1 swap with a $25 minimum paper crafting spending limit. If you choose to spend more, that is fine, but not required. The $25 minimum does not include the cost to ship to your SECRET ELF or if you choose to order online shipping cost to you. The $25 minimum spending limit should be related to your SSís paper crafting interests. Other items you may want to include in their package (candy, candle,lotion, etc.) are above and beyond the $25.

Sign up by indicating your interest on the thread and then PM me (Joan7356) your mailing address.
  • This information must be received by the date this thread closes or you will not be included in this swap.
Mailing Deadline: Monday, November 25, 2013
  • Be sure to include a card/tag indicating your name/Splitcoast username so your SECRET ELF knows who to thank.
  • Because this is a Holiday Swap - Make it festive. Wrap each item and number them. Put them all in a stocking, a wrapped box, a cookie tin...use your imagination.
  • A DC # is recommended(except if shipping to Canada or Canada to US). Keep that number until your SECRET ELF has posted a thread thank you.
Check in on this thread a minimum of 1x/week with a simple hello or chat daily.
  • Stay connected with this thread. Please, don't make me hunt for you. I would rather hear something from you, than nothing.
Complete Secret Elf in post #2.
  • List items you want. Give detail. Provide links if it is a recently released item.
  • As you complete this please include items that can also be bought from local stores, too. Please remember not everyone shops online.
  • When the thread is closed, do not make any changes to your survey.
Do not send items that your assigned SECRET ELF does not want. Please send only new, unopened packages unless your SECRET ELF has indicated she is willing to accept such.

Upon receipt of your SECRET ELF package post a thank you.
  • Your SECRET ELF spent time and put much thought in your surprise package and should be recognized for her effort. Plus, we all love hearing about what you received!
If you can't commit and fulfill these obligations, please do not sign up.

Just wanted to post this info as stated by the moderators of Splitcoast for your info:

Since Secret Sister swaps are typically swaps done one-on-one, each sister istreated as a kind of hostess. We have the "main" hostess who gathersall the info and distributes the names and info. But, the sisters areultimately responsible for sending their goodies.

That being the case, please note that Secret Sister swaps are treated by the moderators just a bit differently than most swaps. The following rule applies to all participating Secret Sister swappers:

Hostesses that fail to return swaps will be banned from the entire Splitcoaststampers site.

In other words, each person participating in the secret sister swaps is considered a hostess. Failing to uphold your end of a secret sister swap is considered stealing (and ultimately mail fraud if the postal system is used)and will not be tolerated.

By posting this, we don't mean to ruin the fun of Secret Sister swaps. We just want all participants to be aware that giving is just as fun as receiving and getting gypped just plain sucks. Please consider this when signing up to participate in a secret sister swap.

For this swap, we will be using a different take using my poor remake to... The Twelve Days of The Holidays.

On the twelfth day of The Holidays ,
my Secret Elf sent to me
Twelve (12) ______ ,
Eleven (11) ______ ,
Ten (10) ______ ,
Nine (9) ______ ,
Eight ( 8 ) ______ ,
Seven (7) ______ ,
Six (6) ______ ,
Five (5) GOLDEN _____ ,
Four (4) ______ ,
Three (3) ______ ,
Two (2) ______ ,
And One (1) ______!

We won't follow the normal course for this song, but will go backwards working our way to "And One (1)". When completing the elf portion in post #2 think in a variety of quantities (inches, feet, yards, dozen, calories, rolls, half-dozen, sheets, pads, packages, boxes, set, etc.) Give your Secret Elf lots of options.

It will be up to your Secret Elf to take items on your list and apply them to the numbers in our 12 Days of The Holidays. For example, you may list you would like a dozen Godiva chocolates. Your Secret Elf could take that an use it for 3 - Three Godiva Chocolates.

Each package needs to be wrapped and numbered from 12 -1.

Upon receipt of your Secret Elf Holiday package,
Do post the package was received.
Do not Open!
Opening Day is Wednesday, December 18.
After you open your 12 packages, copy and paste the "lyrics" above, filling in 12 -1,
And, of course, a thank you to your Secret Elf.

Next step - go to post #2
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