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Originally Posted by ashjoy View Post
Yup, I to had to plan my wedding before Pinterest. Really didnt have a theme, wedding was the theme. Balloons and candles decorated the tables. I made the candle holders. Napkins were printed. Matches were printed for by each candle holder. Sit down family style dinner. DJ, because in our area bands just don't happen. And we paid for everything ourselves with the exception of my dress ( which was 500$) off the rack kind if purchase. And his dad gave some money towards the bar bill. The amout of monetary gifts did not cover the cost of the wedding. And people showed up in blue jeans. To this day am not happy about that.

But then last week at my uncles funeral people showed in shorts and sandles. Was less then thrilled with that as well.

But, we managed 23 years as if today. Learning and growing. Built our first home 10 years married and our second 16 years married. With hopes of building one more, one story that will be where we grow old comfortably.

We have been very blessed. Never been bailed out by anyone, pay our bills on time, use credit cards minimally, pay for things with cash or make do with what we have. Never go to bed mad, never walk away when we are mad, and always kiss good night, we don't yell or scream, sometimes disagree and respect that and if not together are the last ones to talk to before sleeping.

Kitchen routine
Garden routine
Laundry load a day
Mini mission?
thank you for sharing. you made me smile. give me something to think about also. been quite a morning for me. so thank you.

oh heck...who am i kidding? been quite a WEEK for me. Is is Friday already?
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