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Originally Posted by pinkdisneychick01 View Post
Hi! Wow! I have missed a lot on here this week! Happy to report that the floors are in and I am beginning to put my stuff back in order. Very sad to report that I am not happy with part of the job they did and will have to have the owner come to my house to see it. Also, on Saturday, five to six hours was spent with no one knowing how to finish the trim. Unbelievable but true! I had to have my brother, who installs kitchens, come over to figure it out. Lucky for me he did and then spent time on Sun and Mon here finishing the corner work. So frustrating. Then I come home today and the last piece they put on, a transisition strip is crooked! I had about 1,000 square feet of flooring put in with a very reputable company. On a good note, I love the colors that I picked and all but the trim and transition strip went well. Job ran over by a few days but I figured it would. Just tired of the mess. Ok I have went on long enough....the card was all that I made while trapped in the craft room. I did a lot of organizing while in there.

@Brandy... I think when I get in for ScrapFest we need to explore Mall of America. I have to get the Disney Store out of my system. Also, I sent away for a tourist book to see what else is there. At some point I hope to go see where Mary Tyler Moore threw her hat. LOL I know, huge tv geek, huh? Don't worry I won't beg anyone to go there. LOL Also, I don't think the others arrive until very late that night so it just may be us until Friday morning. Also, I think ScrapFest kicks off that night so we could check it out. Thanks for the quilling offer...funny that is the class in Oct at my Frayed Knots group. If you want bring it along in case we want to do it. I am sure I can pick up whatever I need to learn there. Can't wait to see and meet you all in person.
that sounds like a full day. you drink coffee? lets have coffee first , then we can decide how much shopping we want to do . I cant promise any (one)store is going to hold my attention for long. I look @it like I look @tv on vacation . If I wanted to watch tv I could have stayed home . So as your going thru the tourism book , please find stuff you cant do @any other mall . the disney store can be an exception of course I wouldn't expect to skip that one even though i have one in several malls near me . so if I decide to wander I'll come tell you and you can shop in there to your hearts content. not promising I will but its a distinct possibility. that being said I think it would be cool to visit said store with someone who has a passion for it . So no, I wont just drop you off there and leave.

we'll have to get our heads together about specifics hopefully before the trip itself .
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