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Thumbs up CLOSED and Completed **Halloween --Word, Phrase, Poem Banner Swap** Due Sept 30th

Word, Phrase, Poem Banner Swap

The Banner swaps have been such a success I've decided to host one for each occasion of the year!
This time it's to celebrate the spookiest time of the year:

Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly.......

I have three options for you......

Quantity: 9 you will join the "Halloween" banner and send in 8 of one letter keeping one for your little self and get an entire banner back to decorate where ever you wish….hostess is participating....


Quantity: 3 you will join in the “word, phrase, poem” banner and send in 3 of your favorite spookable words, phrases or poems and get 3 different ones back from unknown persons….. this is for one word all on one 4x6 banner --see "day" below......(of course I will love you for eternity if you send an extra for your hostess but it's not required)

Quantity: 3 you will join the "full word" banner swap. Send in 3 banners that have a complete word...each letter will be on it's own 4x6 banner. I have an example at the bottom of the page "happy day". Each letter has it's own banner. I will swap out whole banners for whole banners with this if you do "beware" 3 times you will get back 3 different whole banners such as "spooky", "creepy", "Boo"....make sense??

Dreaded Date: Living through this is easy….simply Postmark your package by September 30th ((sept 23rd for international swappers)) they will be swapped in my parlor between October 4th and 6th.

Dreadfully this is a time sensitive swap and any that arrive without a postmark of September 30th will be seen as “dead stock” and regretfully returned to it’s maker…..

Newbies and International swappers are always deliciously, I mean warmly welcome!!

The gory details:

1. Choose a letter from Halloween or a word, phrase, or poem depending on what your poison is… important thing to remember is “Halloween” requires you to have fun. Be it spooky and creepy or happy and cute. You are welcome to make yours any way you see fit. Any word, phrase or poem can be used more than once....

2. Next…in your mad scientist lab…'ll decide what your letter/word, phrase, poem base will be made from. You must have your letter/word, phrase, poem mounted to a base that is 6" in height by 4" in width. You can have any shape for your base, round, oval, retangle, triangle, star, heart, ect but you must have the height 6" and the width 4", this allows for them to be uniform and hang.

3. You will then embellish your letter/word, phrase, poem and base with anything and everything related to Halloween!

4. Colors and theme —this is where you should have the most fun….there are no requirements….

5. You can make this into a banner, accordian display, tag book or ?, I'm leaving that up to you when you receive these. All bases should have a hole on each side at the top for stringing. Let's go 1/2" from the sides at the top and 1/2" down from the top. I'll post an example.

6. You can take more than one spot in either group. For each spot, they can be different or they can all be the same...your choice.

7. No Vendor Requirements--meaning you can use anything you find or have for this swap.

Shipping: Keep in mind shipping costs...the letters could be different thicknesses than what you send in, please send as much postage as it took you to send in plus a few extra stamps or $$. I also accept paypal, I get a shipping discount that I pass to you and you can wait till they’re ready to ship to pay. Any stamps or $$ not used will be returned to you. If you send cash, I print labels online with USPS and include delivery confirmation for free. Coins will not be returned—stamps or goodies will be sent instead. If you have any questions just ask!
When you're ready to ship:

C/O Halloween
641 Wedge Lane
Fernley NV 89408

When you sign up please tell me what letter you're dieing for....bwahahahaha........or if you will tantalize us with your word, phrase, or poem....

HALLOWEEN Banner (qty 9 send in 8 keep one for you!)
When received will turn GREEN

9114901159818229770389 POSTAL!! H-RECEIVED Onecowfarm
9114901159818229771256 POSTAL!! A-RECEIVED Missa2u
9114901159818229770358 POSTAL!! L- RECEIVED popstops
9405509699937944670030 POSTAL!! L- RECEIVED morgainegeiser
9114901159818229770365 POSTAL!! O- RECEIVED mauiueno
9114901159818229770358 POSTAL!! W- RECEIVED Shereel
9114901159818229771232 POSTAL!! E- RECEIVED Paige
E- RECEIVED artisticsole
9114901159818229771218 POSTAL!! N- RECEIVED NYTripletmommy

Halloween Group 2 (qty 9 send in 8 keep one for yourself!)
9114901159818229771256 POSTAL!! H- RECEIVED LittleBlessings
9114901159818229771195 POSTAL!! A--RECEIVED smhtwin--extra goody
L- RECEIVED Artisticsole
9405509699937948573481 POSTAL!! L- RECEIVED MistyS
9114901159818229771256 POSTAL!! O- RECEIVED Missa2u
E- RECEIVED artisticsole
E- RECEIVED artisticsole
9114901159818229771232 POSTAL!! N- RECEIVED Paige

Word, Phrase, or Poem (qty 3 send in 3 get 3 back)
This will be a running list (did you see the zombie!)--I post pics as they come in--you are welcome to request any that strike your devilish fancy.......

word ideas: ghastly, blackhearted, treats, EEK, potion, beware, creepy, monster mash, goosebumps, elixir, hideous, mysterious, hoot, eerie, moonlight, ghostly, RIP, scary, trouble, witches brew, bewitching, gruesome, grotesque, vanish, scream, cackle, screech, poison.....

When received will turn green

For one word on a 4x6 banner and quantity 3 (see "day" below for idea)

1. 9114901159818229770365 POSTAL!!mauiueno--BOO
9114901159818229771256 POSTAL!! 4. RECEIVED missa2u--creepy
9400109699938841639158 POSTAL!! 5. RECEIVED cherrylime--
6. RECEIVED artisticsole-poison
7. RECEIVED artisticsole-Beware
10. RECEIVED KraftyKay-poem
9405509699937948573481 POSTAL!! 11. RECEIVED MistyS-RIP
9114901159818229771256 POSTAL!! 12. RECEIVED missa2u--Happy Halloween
9114901159818229771256 POSTAL!! 13. RECEIVED LittleBlessings--Hoot
9405509699937948573481 POSTAL!! 14. RECEIVED MistyS-Broom
9405509699937948573481 POSTAL!! 15.RECEIVED MistyS-moon
9405509699937948573481 POSTAL!! 16.RECEIVED MistyS-brew
9405509699937948573481 POSTAL!! 17. RECEIVED MistyS-cat

For a full word banner ( see "happy day" below--each letter is on it's own banner)
1.LJ045566728US POSTAL!! [email protected]
9114901159818229771256 POSTAL!! 2.RECEIVED missa2u--creepy
3.RECEIVED Artisticsole--spooky
9405509699937948573481 POSTAL!! 4.RECEIVED MistyS-Witch
5.9114901159818229770365 POSTAL mauiueno--BOO
7.9114901159818229770358 POSTAL!!shereel--wicked

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:) Peggie

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