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Howdy! Como sind Sie? Does that count as 3 languages other than English? Spanish, German & Texan!

Kristi, so sorry MIL was so bad & glad she went home. Is your mom alone at your house this week? How's she doing? How's Hawaii? Wait, maybe I don't want to know or I'll be all jealous! LOL!

Miss I, I'm not sure what you're up to b/c I only read a bit but you sound busy! Hope it 's fun busy!

Jo Jo, still raining? We got some finally & it should be here all week! Today it is just cloudy, but so nice not to be too hot.

Hedgie, are you all set to go to the Royal Baptism? The baby isn't here yet is he or she? I haven't kept up & keeping seeing things about "The Royal Mom," but haven't heard about a baby. I figured it would be plastered on FB.

Caro, who eats Lemon candy when there's chocolate? You FREAK! ha ha ha haha!

Is Granny with Shani yet? Should we start singing Taylor Swift's, "I knew you were trouble when you walked in?" hee-hee!

Guy came today to work on flooring. We boxed up what we could in anticipation of him bringing a u-haul to put the downstairs stuff in. Turned out he couldn't get the trailer, so we went to the original plan, which I wanted anyway, to move things from area to area. He's pulled up carpet in the hall & dining area downstairs & put some flooring in. He says he wants to be done by Friday with everything. Not sure how that will happen, but we'll see. They went to lunch. My bathroom is painted, so he just needs to rip up carpet in there & put in new flooring. Girls bathroom needs flooring & the sink isn't attached.

Saw the urologist last week (maybe I posted this?) & he says he can't see stones in the x-ray, but he never could when we knew they were there. Then my PCP's nurse called to tell me the x-ray showed I am "VERY constipated." Thank you for that little note. I'm sure you are all glad I shared. ha, ha! I'm taking iron & I'm sure that's the cause. I mean, I've eaten big bowls of lettuce, lots of fruit, other fresh veggies & a Tablespoon of Flax seed daily plus about 200 oz. of water! How can you be constipated with all that? Anyway, I'm glad to know it b/c that could be why I only lost 6 lbs, then gained back a lb. & haven't lost more. I have had a little coke in the past week. Today I had some just to stay awake. But, never a full cup. I"m really tarred today.

They should be back from lunch soon. OH! The central air stopped working last night & we figured it was shot. Used the window unit up here ,but when I went down today the big unit down there had no power to it. The contractor guy was able to check the a/c & found it had shut off. Fan still worked, but the compressor part wasn't going. He restarted it & it's working great! Thank the Lord! I had even checked the 220 breaker box. Aren't you proud of me for knowing to do that? LOL!

Hope y'all have a good day! Love you!
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