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Originally Posted by MiamiKel4 View Post
Good afternoon, ladies!

Maggie, many prayers for the family and praying the news is something treatable. Cancer is just so prevalent and I just wish they would find a cure

The movie last night was SO FUNNY! I highly recommend it, even if you see it just as adults, it was the funniest. The company was good, too! I invited her out to lunch and hope we get together soon its a tad awkward since she's the mom of my dd's boyfriend, lol, and it's not like they are getting married and we are meeting the inlaws! But they are so cute together and as long as they are, why not, right!

Shell, I am so jealous of your floors! My SIL put in Pergo and we loooove them. Here in Florida they do not recommend them as they warp in just a few years due to the humidity and nearly every house has tile! We had to pull up all our carpet in the living rooms due to dd's severe allergies (& take down the curtains, etc) but the tile is very cool (as in cold!) the doggies LOVE to come in after their walks and plop down on the cold tile.

Oh ladies!!! I did a boo-boo!! I'm such such a Clutz and so accident prone , doing dishes and stuck my hand in a wine glass to,wash it and it cracked, slicing my hand down the side about 1/2" the blood went everywhere and was all over my kitchen. My dd (wants to be a nurse) took charge and butterflied it .. Doesn't seem to need stitches and it stopped so cross your fingers!

Hi Maxine, hi to,Jeannette
Thank you Kelly. We do appreciate the prayers. The thing is that colon cancer is one of the easiest to prevent if you watch your diet. Since it is in my family, I"m really aware of what I eat and don't eat.

Kelly, I don't think you should feel awkward about inviting this lady to lunch. If you like her, then be friends whether your children get together on a permanent basis or not.

Oh Kelly, I hope your hand is going to be okay. That must have really hurt. I'm glad that DD was there to help you. Just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get infected. Did you put something on it - like an antibiotic cream? Please use the dishwasher next time!
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