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Originally Posted by Ldumont999 View Post
Seriously... that $140 was not "real". They are not supposed to do it, but when a person is not getting the price they want and the time is close to closing they get a friend to bid some outrageous amount so that the automatic bidders who have set a reasonable limit won't get it for less than the seller actually wants for the item. You know that someone would not pay $140 for a stamp set - no matter how good it was!
I know someone that did that for his wife when she was trying to sell something. EBay found out via IP addresses (dishonest and not so bright) and he was banned from eBay for 18 months. This happened about a month ago. The guy participates on another forum I am a member of and he actually had the temerity to get on and complain about his punishment. This is a forum that often discusses the global financial crisis and the corruption that fed it, so no one had any sympathy for him. In fact, he slunk away with his tail between his legs.

So it does appear that if it is reported and can be proven, eBay will crack down on people for this kind of dishonesty.
Originally Posted by Pretzelgirl8 View Post
I saw a PSX botanical stamp go for $500 once. I'm not joking. I ended up chatting with the lady who was selling it and she was flabbergasted. Apparently two ladies both had the whole botanical set apart from this one stamp and they didn't want to losel
This is something to be very careful about on eBay. I think there is something about auctions - especially if you really want what you are bidding on - that get some people really worked up and they will act on instinct and ignore their reason to get what they want, even if they can't really afford it. I'm sure it taps into some primitive survival instinct, and that probably makes it easier to get carried away. I also think it's related to the same urge that people experience when they gamble. I will bid on some auctions and I've even won a few at a decent price, but I much prefer "Buy It Now" because I can keep my reason in the driver's seat and my instincts in the trunk.
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