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Heart *Closed & Sending* ABANDONED ART CHALLENGE Swap Due Aug 9th

Abandoned Art Challenge Swap
Art Abandonment is not new. Anytime you've ever left behind something you've drawn on, sketched, graffitied, made and gave away to someone...this is the concept behind Art Abandonment. This is taken straight from Michael deMeng at the
Art Abandonment Blog

'Art Abandonment: A few ideas behind this:
• I think it's important to be able let one's art live a life beyond its creator. I love imagining what becomes of my art after it is gone…whether given or sold.
•Some folks can't seem to let go of their work…even when they sell it. This is a great way to learn to move on.
•It's also a way sharing work with an unsuspecting patron. In this day and age when money is tight, this is a way of encouraging folks to stay involved in the arts.
•This is good for the soul. A random kind act.
•You'll find it's a bit addictive…and fun'

He goes on to say:

'So here is how to play if you wanted to join in:
1.All you have to do is make a piece of art. (as simple or as elegant as you like)
2.Write a little note on it explaining that it is a gift
3.Also mention that if the finder would like to share info about its fate they can contact you directly i.e. email. Then you can share the info with us if you are so inclined. Its not a bad idea to leave you're web address contact info…you never know…you might have created a new patron.
4.Photograph what you're leaving behind
5.Then leave it…walk away…run…try not to get caught.
6.Then on Facebook share the location and photo of your gift with the rest of us. Here's the group address:
7.Keep your fingers crossed that someone lets us know what became of it. I certainly doubt that everyone will take the time to inform the group. A few artists have already been contacted by the "finders".'

Soooooooooo do you get the idea?? Here's what I'm doing to make this into a fun swap idea for beginners and veterans alike......

Due Date:August 9, 2013 (this is the very last day these must be in the hands of your partner so they can begin abandoning!)

Quantity: 3 (make 2 for Abandoning and 1 for the swapper who will abandon these for you (a little thank you!)*see details below

No vendor requirements--this is a form of Art--therefore anything goes--it is your choice what you would like to create and send to be abandoned

International and Newbie swappers are always welcome in my swaps!

Now for the Deets:

1. You will sign up and begin to brainstorm what you would like to create to be abandoned.--side note--if you have swapped items that you would like to use instead of creating your own work, I am not against using them instead. This is after all the sharing of ART and if you would like to share some that were given to you there is no harm in that!

2. You will then create/send 3 pieces of ART--now these can be ATC's, inchies, twichies, moo's, or tags. For this swap we are sticking to those...I'll have other rounds of this in 2014 for other items...depending on how successful this becomes. (hint:

inchies: It is basically little pieces of art that are 1"x1" and usually square...but for for interpretation...

twinchie: Is a 2"x2" piece of art usually square but this can be open for interpretation....

moo's: Copied this from Jmaraul's swap: A “moo” is a miniature work of art that measures 1 1/8” wide by 2 3/4” long

3. I'm listing these in the ATC thread because these are the easiest to create and abandon. I am leaving options and choices here if you care to mix it up a little (ex. 1 inchie 1 twichie and 1 ATC) and NO THEY DO NOT ALL NEED TO BE IDENTICAL!

4. Use at least 2 layers of paper for rigidity. I recommend chipboard then your paper on top. This way they will last. and at least 2 embellies or techniques. Make this something you would be proud to give!

5. You can make your ATC's, inchies, twichies, moo's or tags horizontal or vertical.

6. You don't need to include your name on your ART unless you would like too. This is optional. There is a link below for tags to include on your pieces. You will need to print these and attach to each of your pieces of ART for abandoning. Please make sure you join in the fun on the facebook page of Art Abandonment so if your work is found and the receiver wants to share you'll know all about it!! Do NOT get disappointed if your work never surfaces and you don't get a thank you if it's found. That's not what "abandoning art" is's about freeing your soul and giving!!

7. I will assign partners after 2 weeks from the start date (around July 15th) of the swap and will pair up everyone as we go along. I will leave this open for sign-ups till one week before the due date!

8. The recipient will need to share where they dropped off the ART. This is mandatory! A pic would be wonderful but not required! Get creative on where you could place free ART for the taking!!!!

9. You can take as many spots as you want. You don't have to be different with each spot since you'll have different swappers you'll be sending too.

When you're ready to mail:

*Place your tags in a ziplock bag with your name and SCS name so the recipient can thank you on the thread. This may be the only acknowledgement you'll get that your swaps are out in the universe!

I will assign partners by July 15th. You will need to contact your partner to get their address. After that you are free to send off your work and see where the recipeint will be dropping your ART!

Who would like to take the Art Abandonment Challenge and get some ART out in the Universe??

1. Nsmac1--send to Jmaraul--received
2. Jmaraul--send to Nsmac1--received
3. Artisticsole--send to Jn_leger
4. Joan7356--send to jessicatae--received
5. rositagustafson72--send to MrsWayne--received
6. jn_leger--send to Artisticsole
7. MrsWayne--send to KOneill--received
8. LabradorDork send to--rositagustafson72--received
9. jessicatae send to--LabradorDork--received
10. KOneill send to--Joan7356
:) Peggie

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