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Originally Posted by MiamiKel4 View Post
Hi all, late check in! I just got in from the Dr - and my motto for the day is "Gettin' old aint for sissies!" LOL! I'm falling apart! I really liked the new NP I saw today (the dr is so ridiculously backed up so I prefer to see the assistant, and apparently she is new!) SUCH a sweet lady, very thorough and kind ~ she gave me some scripts for aches and pains and requested an xray on my throbbing constantly in pain hip. I am not going to like what it says, I'm sure - the pain keeps me up at night and I barely sleep as it is. She said they have gotten good reviews on gluco-someting something type of meds so crossing my fingers. ANd YAY, I'm down 8 pounds!!!!!!!!!! That was a nice incentive!

Maggie, I'm so sorry for your kitty troubles. They are such precious pies. I was reminded when I brought a stray cat home from where I used to work as a teen and my parents throwing a fit - he was a mess - a HUGE 17 pound red tabby, very beat up and in rough shape (missing teeth, just generally looking miserable) I took him to the vet and they said he had what they called then Feline AIDS? Although not transferable to humans, it was highly contagious to other cats and I had a female cat at the time. I took him in anyway and kept them seperate and he lived another 4 years because we took him in ~ he was a total sweetheart. I named him Big Red

Well I partied all night at the One Direction concert!! We got home at nearly 12:30 am and this 'ol mama is not up for those kinds of nights, ROFL!! But it was fun, dd14 had a blast and now we're done for the year, I hope!

Hugs for all!
Yep, getting old is for the birds. I also have chronic hip pain. My doctors say it's hip bursitis. It was giving me fits up until about a week ago. I found a recipe online that actually makes the pain go away. It's for Cookie Dough Oatmeal Balls and it REALLY WORKS! I haven't had that hip pain all week. Of course I do have other aches and pains, but just 2 less now. It only seems to work on nerve pain.

Yippee on the weight loss! I can see why with all the running around you do!

Wow! That was so sweet and kind of you to take care of that old, sick kitty for all that time. I'm glad that it didn't affect the kitty you already had, and I know that he was very grateful for your care. You are a blessing. The kitties here seem to be doing better. Not so much sneezing and coughing an d Casper loose bowels seem to be doing better. Speaking of Casper, guess what!!!! I was able to pet Corey twice today!!!!!! One time this morning when I was out feeding them and then again tonight. I couldn't believe that he actually let me not only touch him, but also pet him a few times. He's such a love. I realize though that even if he does get friendly with me, I still probably won't be able to bring him into the house. Paisley now barely tolerates Casper and I know that she would really pitch a fit if I brought his brother into the mix. And not only that, but he's used to being outside and running around and I don't think he'd like being cooped up in the house and I won't have him be and indoor/outdoor kitty. Too much drama for my other kitties and chance of diseases.

Glad that you had a great time at the concert. That's how I feel after I have gone to see TSO every Christmas. My sis and I always stay to meet to meet them and don't get home until quite late. It's a great memory for both of you.
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